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Scandal: Louis Ventura resigned on the air of his program – 12/28/2008

Exactly at 22.13 on Thursday evening scandal erupted on Rivadavia radio, Louis Ventura resigned behind the wheel of the program litin which he accompanied Adriana salgueirowhich in Mar del Plata makes theatrical season.

With a speech explaining the reasons, President Aptra he told the audience about the reasons that made them end the cycle suddenlyHe made a strong defense against radio power and said goodbye.

"I am crying because this prestigious house was destroyed by a tsunami of criminals. I walk away with a dagger in my chest and fasten my throat, because I cannot explain the indignation that overwhelms me, ”he said among other things in his editorial.

Ventura spoke to Clarin.

A few hours later, Ventura, after consulting with Clarin, went on: “The theme is: previous management hired me along with Adriana Salgeira as an independent producer make a program litwhat we have been doing for two years. "

"When they completed the ten months of the contract, they called us to tell us that they were leaving the radio because it was declared bankruptcy and there was a group that was going to take responsibility. "

"For all this radio employees weren't charging, and we sometimes gave them some money with what we have gathered to give them a small hand. "

Luis Ventura and Adriana Salgueira were at the helm for two years

Luis Ventura and Adriana Salgueira have been Iluminados for two years.

"One day The trustee called me and said that he wanted me to stay and that we did not pay for the place and collect our assets from what we have collected. This is how we survived one year and two months. ”

“He always told me to hold on to something calling us, and so the time passed. we were producers, broadcasters and other colleagues who were in a year and a half free".

"Until yesterday via whatsapp audio to one of our manufacturersThey tell him that they gave us a month of delay, but from 2019 we had to pay for the place. And they accused us of high value, thanks to the place where we put this band with great difficulty and sacrifice of work. ”

“It doesn't seem bad that they want to charge us for the place, but how they tell me that.” Like a rat! They were afraid of returning because they knew that they had done something else with me.They never notified me again, and do they do it for WhatsApp audio to the producer? "

"Before this indignation, I phoned Salgueira (he is in Mar del Plata during the theater season) and told him what I was going to do. I took a jerk, hugged and met the remaining boys and sent them to …..".

“The trustee made a commitment to inform me about what was happening and thanked me for staying and stopping to spread to the station and prestige. He told me that it was a strong radio name, but he told me on WhatsApp that he was changing the rules of the game. He behaved like a scoundrel! And the phone never answered us again. He left us orphans on the edge of life. "

“In my group, I sold very well what was the content of my program, and the other guys who also paid for the place. that the advertisement and radio guide, I do not know who bills or for what it is".

“I want to go through the front door, because I am grateful for the radio, the emblem and the place, the building is dilapidated. they went through everything: even disinfectants and toilet paper in the bathrooms".

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