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Samsung introduces the world's fastest internal memory smartphone

1 TB eUFS 2.1: Samsung introduces the world's fastest internal memory

Samsungwho is preparing to launch Galaxy S10recently announced that becoming green mark and his intention Buy from the company responsible for the OPPO camera periscopeLooking ahead, the South Korean firm works in the smallest high-resolution camera sensor in its history and just announced the fastest internal memory in the world,

Company He announced your new chip eUFS 2.1 of 1 TBwhich is the fastest internal memory in the world. Samsung has confirmed that Mass production began mentioned memory chip for use in next-generation mobile applications.

The world's fastest internal memory

Samsung internal memory 1 TB

The new chip appeared four years after Samsung released the 128 GB UFS chip, and three years after the 256 GB chip. With new internal memory, users can enjoy capacity comparable to a laptop without having to connect their smartphones with additional memory cards, as claimed in the company itself.

Chol choiSamsung Electronics’s executive vice president of sales and memory marketing assured that 1 TB of eUFS is expected to “play a key role in provide a user experience more like a laptop to the next generation of mobile devices. "With a new memory chip, users can store 260 10-minute videos in 4K UHD format,

10x typical microSD card speed

Samsung 1TB chip eUFS 2.1

Samsung also confirms that 1 TB eUFS has read speed up to 1000 megabytes per second, that is, 10 times the speed of a regular microSD card, which means that it can move 5 GB of high-definition video in just five seconds. In addition, random write speeds 500 times faster than a high-performance microSD card.

at comparison with the performance of 512 GB eUFS 2.1 In November 2017, the company's new chip reached a reading speed of 1000 MB / s, while the previous version reached 860 megabytes per second. Regarding the write speed, there is also a noticeable improvement, since eUFS 2.1 is 1 TB reaches 260 MB / sAlso, the speed of random reading increased to 38 percent relative to the 512 GB version, reaching up to 58,000 IOPS,

The company plans to expand production to strong expected eUFS demand at 1 TB There are even rumors among manufacturers of mobile devices around the world that the expected Galaxy S10 Plus may have such an internal memory.

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