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Romn Martnez: “Play big – strawberry dessert in my career”

San Lorenzo de Almagro Reinforcement, which was very surprising for Argentinean football. What's this Jorge Almirn (technical director Cuervo) asked Romn MartnezOld friend Negro. The signing of the steering wheel surprises both foreigners and themselves, since the 35-year-old midfielder is due to a small shooting Deportivo Morne (where he left the institution because they did not pay him a salary). In an interview with the newspaper Ol, the main character mentioned his arrival in Tsiklin.

“The truth is that when I was looking for a club, I walked along the walls because I didn’t want to leave Buenos Aires, because younger, when I still need to continue my career, this is something different, but now that my career done, I think about a personal matter and move to the street or into the inner space – it is to lose myself with it every day, I wanted to stay and go back to the First, because I feel able to do it, I did not have enough strawberry dessert, which played big and she was given to me "assured the native Morna in the first instance and.

On Almirna, Romne acknowledged that both perceive football equally. “I have a very good relationship with Jorge, Cario, who goes beyond football, and we communicate a lot, I like his style of play, work, say, we speak the same language and feel harmonious.” with me regarding what I can offer in court, "he explained.

After that, the midfielder added: “I feel in my heart that I am ready to play, and then it will be said that I am big, that I don’t play or that my last club was in National B – this is logical, I understand, and that’s fine ". But what matters is how I feel, because if I do not trust me, I cannot be in myself. This is my head, which makes me feel good, that my legs work, that I train with my partners, without missing a single day. when the technician throws me on the court, I try to answer him because he, too, took the risk of asking me. "

Despite the fact that he is 35 years old and he has a lot of difficulties in finding a club interested in getting his services, Martnes admits that he never thought about retirement. "I never thought about releasing football, I was always sure that I would continue to play, because I feel good, of course, I felt bad, that I was sitting in my house for a long time, that I did not see some people." and I have to make decisions about how to proceed, I didn’t want to leave Buenos Aires, and now I’m in a big city like San Lorenzo, ready to accept this huge challenge, who could imagine? Sentenced midfielder.

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