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Rodolfo D Оно Onofrio: “If I Made a Mistake, I Apologize”

The resolution of the Superfinal continues in a tense climate. This morning, President Rodolfo D of Onofrio gave a press conference at which he challenged his wife Boc, Daniel Angelici, to postpone the requirements for the game.

"Come play, you can win, we are not so good", launched the maximum manager "millionaires". However, later in the afternoon, The head of the Nunes division attempted to lower the tone of his statements. "It was not a provocation, we have a good relationship. We are not proud if someone has spoiled it a lot, I apologize, "said Onofrio in dialogue with 90 minutes, the program issued by the signal Fox Sport.

“Someone may make a mistake there, if I do, I am sorry”D. Onofrio continued without neglecting his goals, citing the intention that the government would have to dispute the match and that it was in a monumental stadium. In this regard, D Оно Onofrio repeated:President Macri sent me to say that he wants us to play on the river court.

Regarding the incidents that were recorded in Antonio Vespucchio Liberti, which led to the suspension of the meeting, the director said that "The river may be responsible for what happens inside the river, and not what happens with the eight blocks." “We hired a security agent to do this,” he argued.

In addition, the group leader blamed the security operation, given that the violence occurred outside the stadium. “The game can be played in a river court if the security operation is properly executed, and at 24 o'clock the minister, who was supposed to guarantee security, resigned,” he said.

For his part, he also devoted an extensive interview time to distinguish what happened last weekend from what happened at Bombonera when his players attacked with pepper spray when they came out to play the second half of the eighth rematch at the end of the Cup. 2015

“This is a completely different fact from 2015. Here, we don’t even know which of them threw stones at a Boci microscope, ”he said, without omitting the topic of roving bars set in Argentine football:“ Caverna Godoy (one of those related to the violence story) I do not know him, I have not treated him in my life, and the River is the first one that is going to end up with bars. ”

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