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River put the car into operation and scored in Mendoza

The match, suspended at the time because River was supposed to play the Libertadores Cup Final against Boca, was played at the Malvinas Argentinais Stadium in Mendoza, where those led by Marcelo Gallardo were following his football in front of the crowd that accompanied him in Cuyo Province .

Lucas Pratto, two times, one at a time, and Colombian Rafael Santos Borres, from a penalty, in the first stage, and debutant Matias Suárez, in the final part, scored Rivera, who thus recovered from three consecutive falls, incurred in this year, all in Monumental and Super League: Defense and Justice (0-1), Union Santa Fe (1-2) and Patronato de Paraná (1-3).

At first, he showed “River” inaccurately, and “Tomba” stopped better, but only a few minutes remained before the first goal of “Millionaire”.

Earlier, in the 9th minute Godoy Cruz was about to open the scoring, when Juan Andrada brilliantly executed a free-kick, and the blow hit the right post, the ball crossed the entire line and went out, and Franco Armani had already won.

But on his first visit, River opened the scoring. At 11 minutes in a short retort headed by Exequiel Palacios, he stopped, paused and gave a depth to the diagonal entrance of Lucas Pratto, who identified a strong blow to the left of a large area that knocked out the free Resistance of Roberto Ramirez.

At the gate is the River, which became the patron saint of the game and demonstrated all the football skills of the champion of America to easily beat the Mendocino team.

At the 28th minute, in another good attack by River, Borre hit the left post and the ball bounced off Nahuel Arena, a penalty kick, which the same Colombian was responsible for converting with a powerful blow to the center of the arch.

To make matters worse for Godoy Cruz, in the 33rd minute, Thomas Cardona was driven out because of the violent violation of Gonzalo Montiel, who, when everything was River, about the first stage, hit the left post.

Just started the second period, River ran the third 5 minutes after the center of Milton Casco, Pratto, with the exact title, sent to the network.

River flourished until the end of the game, leaving behind its unfortunate start of the year, his new figure Mathias Suarez (replaced Borre), who scored a goal on the 37th minute, debuted him, with two tricks and a formidable determination to the region.

Seth Nunez was left with a deafening victory and took advantage of the unfortunate moment of Godoy Cruz, who has two consecutive defeats, both in Mendoza: against Lanus (0-2) and this Wednesday against Millionaire (0-4)).

With this result, River Plate reached 22 units; while the team led by Marcelo Gomez was left with 23 points.

On the next date, River will visit the difficult Velez Sarsfield in Ligne, on Sunday from 9.30; Godoy Cruz will travel to Buenos Aires to meet with Boca Juniors in La Bombonera, on the same day, starting at 17.10.

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