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River, in Mendoza, to cut a bad spell: excellent reception, but ticket sales

River continues to recover pending matches. Tonight, he will visit Godoy Cruz at the Malvinas Argentina de Mendoza stadium for the bout, corresponding to date 13 in the Argentine Cup Super League.

The year 2019 did not succeed for Millionaire, who lost three matches played by him: 1: 0 against Defense and Justice, 2: 1 against Union and 3: 1 against Patronato, all at Monumental Stadium. Thus, it was almost out of the fight, and it lowers public expectations.

Before this panorama, two realities intersected. There were a lot of fans who came to the door of the hotel, where the champion of America is on receiving players, and, of course, Marcelo Gallardo. The doll was the most famous and this is no less: thanks to his achievements he is at the top of the great idols of the club’s history.

What is not working yet is selling tickets to the public. According to the management Godoy Cruz, until Tuesday only three thousand were sold out of 10 thousand settlements accessible to people of the group. It will be necessary to see whether the demand will increase several hours before the fight.

The match between Toma and Millionaire will start at 21, judged by Ariel Penel, he can be seen on Fox Sports Premium. For this fight, Gallardo will make a lot of changes in relation to the 11th, which took place last weekend, when he went to the team with the majority of spare and youth.

A great absence passes through Juan Fernando Quintero. Colombian midfielder suffers from tendinitis in the left hamstring and was out of the national team list.


Godoy Cruz: Roberto Ramirez; Luciano Abecasis, Diego Viera, Thomas Cardona and Fabricio Angileri; Jalil Elias, Juan Andrada and Ivan Ramirez; Angel Gonzalez, Santiago Garcia and Diego Sosa. DT: Marcelo Gomez.

River: Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel, Lukas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola and Milton Casco; Ignacio Fernandez, Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Perez and Ekskiel Palacios; Suarez or Santos Borre and Lukas Pratto. DT; Marcelo Gallardo.

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