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Restrictions removed by Hantavirus in Epuyén


Epuen mayor Antonio Reato announced today that starting next Friday, some of the restrictive measures imposed on this city with a population of 4,000 people will be canceled in the north-west of Chubut, where an outbreak of hantavirus was announced in early December. 11 dead

“The mood of the population is improving, and from this Friday, February 1, I will cancel almost all restrictive measures that were dictated by the resolution, such as banning assemblies, (limiting) schedules and using chinstrap to public places,” said Reato Télam.

The head of the community explained that "we are going to maintain minimal care in closed places for about 10 days, until mid-February, because if we put up with as many as we are not going to put up with a little more."

Before an outbreak of hantavirus and an increase in the number of cases of the disease (a total of 31 in Chubut), Reato decided in early January to “suspend all group activities for a period of forty days in a row” because of the sanitary warning imposed. in connection with human infections with hantavirus. ”

In addition, in accordance with resolution 007/2019, it suspended “all group activities in the provincial institutions within the municipal structure, with the exception of dependencies on the Ministry of Health”, which will be modified to make these conditions more flexible.

The mayor told Telama that “the problem with the hunt is improving, and the situation is encouraging, because you notice it on the street, in the shops, in the supermarket, especially since there are no more patients in the resuscitation weekend. many come out of selective isolation, and very few will stay next week. ”

“The bomb hit us completely,” Reato said, referring to “the impact that was first sanitary, then social, and finally economic, because it affected tourism, which is an important source of income for us and the region as a whole.”

The restrictive measures announced by the mayor earlier this month on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health were accompanied by various government departments, such as the Peace Court, which depends on the Chubut judiciary, which suspended weddings until further notice.

The Patagonian province took precautions that included the selective isolation of almost 100 people, whom it considered part of the "epidemiological link" because they were relatives or relatives of those who infected the virus, many of whom had already been released. (BODY)

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