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Rejection of Carlos Persiavalle’s controversial claims about Telme Fardeen and Juan Darthe is growing

Friday night Carlos Persiavalle (77) became a trend on Twitter: his name and surname were among the most sought after, and not because of an artistic fact, but because of the interview he gave the newspaper A countryfrom Uruguay. And in most comments on this social network, rejecting his words was the norm.

It happens that Perciavalle rejected the complaint of violation Thelma Fardeen done (publicly and in court) against Juan Dartes“How can I believe him?” She claimed that “she entered the room, she did it because she wanted to have sex with him, so I will not criticize her,” said the actor, among other controversial concepts (including against women in general).

The ill-treatment reported by Fardeen occurred in a hotel room in Nicaragua in May 2019 during a trip to ugly duck (fiction where they shared the cast). Telme was 16 years old and Darte was 45And Perciavalle – without thinking about this difference in age and that the actress was a minor then – seems to be consonant with what the actor claimed in his only interview after the complaint, which caused widespread outrage.

But what was said: after the portals repeated these statements, a rejection came. "Many centuries agoUruguayan humorist bright and original it was called Carlos Persiavalle. Currently there is a homonym who seems like a very old man and offended by life and women“This speaks of things that no one else likes at this stage,” the journalist, for example, said Hind Pomeranets, Writer Julian Lopez He went further in his definition of the artist: "The old fart."

The brave denunciation of Thelma Fardeen

Two days before Perciavalle’s unsuccessful remarks, Thelma Fardin left a message in her Twitter account: “Today I heard a lawyer say that the victims should immediately report this. Do we really need to repeat how often victims of abuse often cannot express it at that time?And he added: “To your evil intentions We are going to reply Facts, Arguments and TRUTH".

And yesterday during the distribution of the notes Perciavalle, the actor Maxi Gion He left a rough account in his Facebook account. I support Fardina and Calu rivero (who will also blame Juan Dartes) showed that he was abused at the age of 11 years. Gione explained that the former actress’s complaint ugly duck this allowed him, as had already happened to famous actresses, to make public what had hurt him so much. It creates who creates it.

Today, when the case in the court of Nicaragua continues to advance, Dartes is in San Pablo, although it is still not entirely clear whether he, when leaving the country, is seeking a general rejection, or, rather, everything answers the strategy. And the fact is that if his extradition is requested, Brazil will deny this, since the actor was born in a neighboring country.

Besides, Brenda Asnikar (one of the main characters of El Trece fiction) not only supported Fardin’s complaint, but also said that she would not be the only actress who suffered from aberrant acts. "The scary thing is that ugly duck it was not a situation, but a multitude of ongoing relationships on the part of many people"he said.

“Although we all remember the program with great love, today we can see everything very far from various. When you are a child, producers know that you want a role, and in many cases an abuse of power.The accused Brenda, who once told another delicate situation that also occurred in duckling: "There was an actor who told me that he wanted to light me, an actor, I was 16 years old, he was 37 years old."

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