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Quiet, Qualcomm will not change the name of their processors

Quiet, Qualcomm will not change the name of their processors

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 will be the processor that next year will give life to Android devices, and recently it has gone GeekBench offers data on its powerIt is expected that the chip will be announced during the same month of December, confirming to the world its official name, since Qualcomm will not change the name of its processors,

As reported in PCMag, Snapdragon 845 processor successor will not be called 8150, this is just a codenameSo far, the company's future chip has been listed as SM8150but it's just internal identification name and it does not match the name with which it will be launched on the market.

The truth is that this will not be the first time Qualcomm will change its name to its line of processorswhich was previously composed of S1, S2, S3 and S4 and in 2013, the series was changed to 200, 400, 600, 700 and 800, At the moment, the official name of the new processor is unknown, but, most likely, it will be continued with the current numbering, therefore it could be called Snapdragon 855,

A new processor can start a new series with 5

Qualcomm will not change the name of its processors

Rumors also claim that the company can start a completely new sequence of names and start a new series with 5, since this will be the first chip with a built-in 5G (X50) modem and perhaps it ends with a call to Snapdragon 5000The change, which can also occur due to the unusual configuration of the three central clusters, is a feature that has recently appeared in certain leaks.

Qualcomm will announce the release of a new processor, which will be part of the first 5G phones, next week, at the annual three-day event scheduled for December 4th. What will be reported at that moment real name of the processor and its characteristics, leaving the code name Snapdragon 8150.

At the moment we have to wait until the company officially announces its expected processor to find out all its characteristics and official name, but it is clear that Qualcomm will continue or launch a new series of names, but this will not change them.,

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