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Place your devices on a creative island in Fortnite (14 days Fortnite Challenge)

Place devices on a creative island thirteenth challenge 14 days fornita Christmas event in the game, which is coming to an end (although the tests will remain active for a couple of days). Today you have the opportunity to unlock a new cosmetic item for your box office, if you perform this simple task.

If you don't know how to place devices on a creative island in FortniteHere we will tell you how to overcome this challenge, one of the easiest in this event … as long as you entered the creative mode of the game and were annoyed. If not, maybe it sounds like Chinese …

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Place your devices on a creative island how to overcome a fortnite 14-day challenge

Depending on the platform on which you play, you can access the creative mode either from the main game menu (for example, PS4 or Xbox One), or in the lobby of the Battle Royale mode. Once inside, enter your island, select something like a mobile phone and click on the crossbar.

Place devices on a creative island

In the menu you can select various items, such as buildings, which will appear in your inventory. If you hit the triggers, you can select the device tab (cars, jumping platforms, juicers …). Press Y (in Switch), triangle (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to select the devices you want.

We recommend that you select more than 13 immediately who request a call, and after selecting, press A (in Switch), Circle (in PS4) or B (Xbox One) to equip them and appear in your inventory.

Place devices on a creative island

Back on the island, you only need to activate the designer mode, build 13 floor tiles and place the device in each of them, as in the game (by pressing Y on the switch), a triangle (on PS4) or X (on Xbox One). This is a simple task that you will overcome in one game. When you do this, it’s enough to exit the game from the pause menu in order to receive this disc pack as a reward …

Place your devices on an interesting creative island.

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