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pay to see the dark side of the Internet

"Google from the dark network" search the darkest depths of the Internet where you can buy weapons, drugs, or credit card codes. It is a tool that has developed French startup .., it should not fall into the wrong hands.

"We made an inventory of almost all "Dark web", says Celine Hayri, co-founder Aleph Networks near Lyon, in the heart of the French wine region of Beaujolais.

Aleph says he rejected between 30% and 40% of requests license based on ethics committee recommendations and advice from its government clients.

Such a tool can not fall into the wrong hands. In addition, in totalitarian regimes, resistance is often organized in "The Dark Web" refers to her husband and CEO Aleph Nicholas Hernandez.

Most web users never go beyond easily detectable sites that are accessed through normal web browsing.

But people who seek anonymity can access this dark universe through easily accessible programs such as TI have an onion router (TOR) or I2P.

But once there, you cannot go further if you do not have the exact address of the page you are looking for, that is, a random and long sequence of numbers and letters ending in ".onion" or ".i2p".

as Google or Chrome, Aleph this is a search engine that indexes web pages in 70 different languages. In five years The startup has identified 450 million documents on 140,000 sites.

when Celine haery use your software search for glock and bitcoin Instantly there are several sites where these German guns are sold in virtual currency, which is theoretically impossible to track.

Search by Cesium 137radioactive element that can be used to create Dirty nuclear bomb reveals 87 sites in the dark web where you can buy it, and on another page explains how to make explosives or a homemade bazooka.

He and a childhood friend created this company. Initially, they collected 228,000 dollars, but were going to close several times before they found an enthusiastic client: the military.

"The general direction of the acquisition of weapons and equipment of the French army has found us." Two days after the attack on Charlie Hebdo They asked us for a demonstration, "says Haeri, meaning Massacre of 12 people in 2015 in the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris.

"The army is particularly sensitive to speech, that is, if you do not know the territory, as in the" dark web ", you cannot dominate it," adds Hairy.

Aleph plans to soon add artificial intelligence capabilities to his software, which recognizes images as Kalashnikov assault rifles or child abuse victimsor warn companies about possible copyright infringement.

Your income is expected to be around 660,000 euros this yearFra is expected to double in 2019.

This caught the attention of investors, as Alef is stepping up its efforts to add more private sector clients to its list of government clients.

But the more people and businesses start using the Aleph search engine, the higher the risk that criminal organizations or hostile governments will finally gain access.

Hernandez said the challenge is to grow, creating clear guidelines for addressing sensitive ethical issues, but insisted that he would remain vigilant.

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