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overview with features, price and specifications

Already for two years after the original Mix has passed from concept to final product, Xiaomi is ready to bring its My mix 3,

With the combined input range and Mi Mix 8 Pro as the most classic reference, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which we have already tested in Xataka, retains the status of another terminal with a particular difference. In this case, you need to talk about 10 GB of RAM and sliding camera to not have a cut in its frameless design.

Technical Passport Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

At that moment of the year and expecting that the MWC 2019 will leave us the first terminals with the corresponding internal news, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 together in their technical paper – a solid foundation that we have seen many times this year.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


AMOLED 6.39 "2.340 x 1080, 19.5: 9

Dimensions and weight

15.79 x 7.47 x 0.85 cm / 218 g


Snapdragon 845


6 GB, 8 GB or 10 GB


128 GB or 256 GB

Front camera

Dual 24 MP + 2 MP

Rear camera

Dual 12 MP (f1.8) + 12 MP (f2.4)

operating system

Android 9 with MIUI 10


Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, BT 5.0, NFC, USB-C


3,200 mAh


Sliding body for camera deployment


In the case of Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi rushes into RAM, where we have a 6 GB series, which can be increased to 8 or even 10 GB in the version with ceramic finishIt is expected that by 2019 another twist of the screw in the form of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 compatible with 5G networks will enter the market.

My box with content 3

New Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 It still does not have an official price in Europe and can be obtained only through imports from 569 dollars. In our case, we tested the version with 8 GB of RAM and Chinese ROM (available only in Chinese and English, with many local services and without Google or Google Play store).

Frameless design, without notches and without front cameras in sight

That, which Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 they do not have frames, a fingerprint reader, or even notice, as we shall see, it places it among the winners of the screen advantage, and more than 93%, respectively, to the manufacturer.

The next sign of the identity of smartphones will be how they approach the design without frames, but with secondary cameras. This Mi Mix 3 is betting on a real on-screen design.

At the design level, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is visually attractive terminalThe model we analyzed is green, very bright for this tone. It is made of glass, but this combination has the disadvantage that genuine mirror which also attracts a lot of footprints.


This visual appeal comes across the Mi Mix 3 ergonomics. It’s a big, but manageable terminal in hand, and although it’s balanced, over time the weight is almost 220 gramsBut what worried me the most about this time with the help of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, since the main phone was that the curvature of the back and the type of glass make it very slippery phone in hand, Xiaomi does not learn and something is too repetitive in the terminals.

It is almost necessary for me to wear a case, and in fact, in the box, in addition to the headphone adapter and wireless charger, comes a hard plastic case with a good touch, It improves capture and supports screen sliding. no problems

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a physical volume control and on / off control on the right side, at a height perhaps elevated to naturally reach them so that you can use a terminal of these sizes. On the opposite side, at the same height as the power button, we find physical button for the virtual assistant Xiaomiwhich, in the version we tested with the local ROM, is available only in Chinese.

My design Imix 3

In the future, as Xiaomi told us, he is expected to arrive in other languages ​​and will even button you can use with google helperThat will give you much more utility than today.

Other frame elements are the nanoSIM card slot (dual) and USB-C charging port surrounded by two speakers, although, as is more than desirable, only one of them is real.

Hidden self-taught camera

For many potential buyers, the most characteristic of Mi Mix 3 at the design level is the system for opening and activating the block of secondary cameras. There is no slot that standsneither big nor small.

In this project, Xiaomi decided to integrate the system with which Cameras appear when you push the back of the Mi Mix 3 up. Different and confidentialityThe last one that saves the system, once tested on a daily basis.

The Mi Mix 3 retractable camera system, as it is implemented, does not convince me at the functional level, but it won me over for confidentiality

The system is really curious, yes, but I am afraid that, as it is implemented, it is more important because of curiosity than because of the effective result.

To begin with, that the back of the glass is slippery, makes a gesture of sliding with one hand to “wake up” the front camera system don't work any more than if we make a big force against the panel, Enough power. And in any case, it takes more time to try to open the cameras with your hand than to refuse help and help us on the other hand, something that did not become something natural at that time that I spent with Mi Mix 3 Xiaomi.

Opening screen

But even to get used to it, attempts to open the system with an activated screen sometimes force us to eventually press the application, and in the end, we again have to return to the two-hand operation.

The sliding system also hides the front speaker, which, when opened, shows all the dirt that can accumulate when carrying the terminal into a pants pocket.

This speaker will be the one that works when, upon receipt of a call, we shift the screen to accept it. Yes, as in the old days of telephony, although for now, in the version that we were able to try in Engadget, this functionality is not yet implementedIf we decide to take the call in the most current mode, there are no problems with the sound, because right on the edge we have a fully functional speaker. A clear and loud sound during calls is one of the features of this Xiaomi that I liked the most.

The sliding system for cameras still seems semi-definite. In fact, when we were finishing the review, an update appeared that finally allowed us to customize other uses besides taking on

As for work, when entering the camera mode directly from a locked terminal, it is impossible to access the image gallery. Logical. However, the system does not allow us to use a fingerprint reader after opening the camera to identify us and have access to the gallery. This step is possible only if we shift the screen and enter the PIN, the sample that we have chosen, or our fingerprint itself.

Sliding screen

And if we resort to face identification system? Or. In this case also, when we activate it, opening the front sliding camera does not lead us directly to the self-defense mode, but it enters the system in the usual way. This is the standard configuration when we activated face detection, which, apart from Xiaomi’s own warnings, does not give us much protection, although this is quite fast.

Registration of our face is carried out only with the help of a photo, without a scanner movement of the head, as usual. Xiaomi, at least, warns us that our suspicions about uncertainty in this identification are justified, and in fact, although no one in my environment could follow me, it was quite simple that with a recent photo, the Face ID Xiaomi system would give us access to the system. Be careful with this.

Mi Mix 3 includes a very fast face recognition system, but it’s not difficult to fool or work (logically) if we don’t have an “open” screen system.

At this time, using the sliding camera system, I don’t have the feeling that it’s worth it, no matter how much the tabs on the screen hate. At least as implemented. In fact, during the review (actually completing it), we received a system update to add an option to the terminal menu, which allows you to set up an introductory gesture and, in addition, to turn on the selfie mode, let's start the application directly or access the control panel with some shortcuts as a control center.

Slider Modes

Finally, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 activity attracts attention vibration, the strongest that I have ever had in my arms. So much so that in my case I usually keep the keys vibrating and some kind of active element even in silent mode, I had to deactivate it, because it was obvious to me, but also to the environment, which he appreciated it even acousticallyNeedless to say about the danger of this strong vibration in the terminal, which seeks to escape, having shifted from the place where you placed it.

Screen true AMOLED and FullHD +

Except for the difference in the slip mode of your camera, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 supports the manufacturer’s high-range structure for this 2018.The screen is another of these repeating elements, but at the same time safe.

The only drawback of the AMOLED screen in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is the almost always anecdotal Always Display mode and that the resolution does not rise above FullHD + in the terminal, which wants to be the most noticeable and ambitious of Xiaomi

Mi Mix 3 is one of 6.4-inch AMOLED and the resolution, which does not go in this model, except FullHD +, that Xiaomi can not refuse. Already having Mi 8 Pro on the market, it was a good opportunity to distinguish and dare with something more at the resolution level.

The AMOLED panel is a small step below the best Samsung market in terms of both global quality and configuration parameters. We skip more contrasts, although the high brightness of 600 nits is the visibility of this screen outdoors is very goodbest of this year.

My Mix 3 Screen

Among the parameters of the screen, we find a reading mode that makes the screen colors warmer, as well as a double tap on the screen, a customizable night mode in brightness and temperature colors and Surround mode that we can program, but without additional options or controls on what and how we want it to appear.

For the terminal with the AMOLED panel and this category, we expected much more in this respect, at least to adjust the ambient display lighting intensity. These are details, such as the low light level of the screen in automatic mode, in which more and more is fixed to evaluate very equal terminals in other aspects.

The best thing about the Mi Mix 3 screen is that without the cameras and using gestures for the interface, the entire front panel is useful to the user.

Of the screen modes, there are three possible options: automatic contrast, enhanced contrast and standard mode. The most correct mode is auto contrast, but we also need to adjust the temperature, which by default is a bit cold.

Screen modes

From the multimedia experience with Mi Mix 3, we have a part dedicated to sound. here no headset portYou must pull out the USB-C adapter included in the cautious box of this terminal.

In general, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 offers high-quality sound, but we cannot single it out among the main points in this aspect. It supports personalization according to the type of phone that we place, but is too focused on our own models, of which, of course, no one comes in the box. We can adjust the listening using the equalizer, which we can use only with the connected headphones.

Mi Mix 3 Ports

The speakers, which, as we have already indicated, are stereo, but with a distorted grid at the bottom of the terminal, provide loudness and correct playback.

Up to 10 GB of RAM to accompany Snapdragon 845

In the terminal, which goes a lot of numbers, starting with its price, the newsletter can not be forgotten. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 clings to Snapdragon 845 and a lot of RAM to attract us.

The model we tried enjoys 8 GB of RAM, but there is a version with 10 GB, which is very tempting in numbers. The reason for such numbers may have to be found in the optimization of the system, because with difficult tasks or multitasking Mi Mix 3 stores 6 GB of RAM.

Frameless screen

This version of 8 GB of RAM, for example 10 GB, comes in a pair with 256 GB internal memory (without the possibility of expansion with the help of microSD), which gives us many opportunities for improvement. A priori, we should have no bandwidth problems for many applications or content that we store in our Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is not surprising. The terminal is superior in synthetic tests and ready to work day after day. Multitasking, streaming, editing applications, games … all in liquid Mi Miks 3,

Being an experienced assembler by Xiaomi, there are no problems in terms of the operating temperature of the components or problem areas, or excessive heat. Everything is within the normal range.

Android 9 with MIUI 10 on controls

With several updates a week using this terminal for a review, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 showed me that arriving at the European market will probably be a bit hasty. For our review we counted terminal with local ROMwhich translates into an interface in English, but with a large load on the interface and applications related to the local market.

English interface

As it happened recently with Xiaomi terminals, it touched look for tricks to be able to adapt the keyboard, as well as Google services and the Android store.

Once we reached, we found a system already upgraded to Android 9 and with a MIUI 10 level on controlsThe experience was good at the level of stability, and although this is not my favorite level, the appearance is increasingly approaching Android in elements like notifications that I like. Although all this with features with which MIUI users are already well used.

MIUI 10 supports multiple levels of viruses., brings the AI ​​of its own Xiaomi, and some greetings help, like gestures that allow us to control the interface with sufficient success, abandoning the classic buttons, and with this getting even more useful screen space.

We were afraid: 3200 mAh is not enough for a battery

Perhaps for its high-performance terminals it’s hard not to weigh, Xiaomi chooses almost all of them for battery capacity, which on paper is presented as short for diagonal screen and terminal claims,

This happens in a special way in this Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, a terminal that, despite its screen is almost 6.5 inches, battery capacity not more than 3200 mAhThese numbers translate into very fair autonomy in order to reach the end of the day with solvency and not resort to a charger.

The weak point of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in the element is too important: the battery. A maximum of 4 hours of screen does not guarantee that we will arrive at the end of the day if we are intensive terminal users.

On the days when we demanded the most, we could not avoid having to charge the battery before arriving at night, on average No more than 4 hours of screen anyway.


The only good news around the Xiaomi Mi 3 battery is outside. In particular, in standard wireless charger, compact and 10 W to accelerate the usual low download speed of this type of technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Camera

With the interior assimilated from other high-end Xiaomi of this year 2018, part of the camera also supports a combination well known and used by a Chinese manufacturer in this year 2018: a double rear camera (12 megapixel widescreen f / 1.8 with optical image stabilization and 12 MP Tele with f / 2.4 bore), but with the novelty also includes a dual front sensor (24 MP with support for a second 2 MP sensor)

To control this system of four cameras, Xiaomi offers us, if a classic interface, one of those that will better balance options and ease of use. Modes are changed by sliding, including manual, and among the most convenient options are not enough modes HDR, AI, flash or filters, and only two touches, other parameters, such as a timer and a general configuration, Very good here from Xiaomi.

Screenshot 2018 11 29 06 12 40 836 Combination Android Camera

The photos we can get with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are not surprising. If there are no complex light scenarios, the results are convincing if we don’t need very fine details. В некоторых случаях они также греют некоторую чрезмерную насыщенность, и там AI почти ничего не дает.

Пример 1

Мы привыкли к тому, что системы ИИ, примененные к камере, останавливают сцену, а земля просто насыщает изображение грубо. В случае с Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 мы рады, что вряд ли стоит много раз незаметно, потому что сцена будет полностью разрушена.

Правый режим Ai Sin Справа изображение, модифицированное Xiaomi AI. Ярмарка, бесценная.

Другим способом, который требует дополнительной работы, является HDR. Вы не должны доверять выбору, которое камера делает по умолчанию всегда, поэтому вам придется вооружиться терпением и работать много раз с проб и ошибок, пока не получите желаемый результат.

Напротив, режим, который нам очень понравился, – это ночь, С его помощью мы получаем больше фотографий с фотографиями в темных областях, уменьшающих шум, но мы теряем определенную ясность и, в зависимости от случая, изображение становится более искусственным, если мы будем слишком близко.

Внутренний ночной режим вправо Ночной режим справа

Он отлично работает как внутри, так и снаружи, но выстрел занимает около двух секунд, чтобы быть эффективным, поэтому вы должны принять его во внимание.

Ночной режим Экстерьер справа Ночной режим справа

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 имеет портретный режим что, как это произошло в камерах Сяоми в этом году, встречается без дальнейших церемоний. Он делает это лучше в очень ярких условиях и хуже, когда света мало. В обоих случаях операция не совсем убеждает нас в том, что далеко не адаптировать портретный режим к нашему кадру, мы должны играть на расстоянии, чтобы получить хорошие результаты, что несколько осложняется с объектами. Благодаря открытию основной линзы гораздо лучше вытащить фокус и естественную глубину резкости.

Если мы выберем классический портретный режим, то в наших тестах отсечение выполняется в целом хорошо, с небольшим скольжением, но размытие кажется нам денатурированным согласно сценарию.

Портретный режим

Это My MIx 3 премьера в портретном режиме, функциональность студийный свет, Это априорно похоже на то, что предлагает Apple, но в этом случае эффекты вряд ли меняют свет, но больше похожи на любопытные эффекты и, с терпением, мы оставим результаты портретов.

Режим освещения Режим освещения исключает фон изображения и добавляет нейтральный к тому, который применяет любопытные световые эффекты

Что касается вторичной камеры, Mi MIx 3 имеет два датчика. Основной из 24 MP позволяет получить эгоистов с высоким уровнем детализации, включая портретный режим с теми же дефектами, что и в основной камере. Повторное выполнение работы.

Режим портретной и дефокусировки Справа, с использованием режима тонкого размытия

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 удивил нас очень позитивно с видеозаписью. В режимах 4K и 1080p при 60 кадрах в секунду в обоих случаях уровень детализации высок, цвет очень удачный и стабилизация помогает нам свободно перемещаться.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, мнение и примечание Xataka

С ценой не так сильно, как другие терминалы Xiaomi даже в большом диапазоне, Mi Mix 3 возвращается к повторной стратегии в каталоге китайского бренда. Исключительность в этом случае исходит из рук цифр (10 ГБ оперативной памяти в лучшей версии) и особенно в скользящая система, которая удерживает вторичные камеры под экраном,

Несмотря на сомнения, которые генерирует эта система и ее реальная полезность, а также ограниченная автономия на данный момент, основная проблема Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 находится внутри собственного дома, где Mi 8 и Mi 8 Pro, даже PocoPhone F1 внизу вашего каталога, они прямо сейчас лучшие варианты, если вы не хотите эксклюзивности и логически оплачивать его.








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  • Камера остается ниже верхнего опорного диапазона
  • Недостаточная автономия, как бы она ни была связана с беспроводным зарядным устройством 10 Вт
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