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Opening of Gisela Solis: there are no injuries or signs of suffocation in the body, but any hypothesis is not excluded

There is a growing mystery about the suicide of Gissella Solis, who was killed by a dentist and left on the side of the route in Villa Eliza. The first autopsy results showed that "There is no apparent cause of death"Forensic examination detailed that the body does not show signs of attack or defense, nor asphyxia.

Having obtained these preliminary data, the researchers returned to the hypothesis that resonated most from the moment of its disappearance: poisoningAlthough they have to wait for toxicological tests to confirm this possibility.

As explained by a source in the case“The theory shows that she could have been strangled with an airway obstruction, for example, with a pillow or with her hands, leaving no traces.” That is why so far, authorities do not rule out any theoryThe results of additional research will be key to determining the cause of death.

The body of the dentist who had been missing since January 16 was found on the side of the route at the height of Villa Eliza. Buenos Aires police arrived at this point thanks to data recorded in 911 and analysis of security cameras in the area.

The primary murder suspect is the victim’s former partner, Abel Casimiro Camposwho never collaborated with the investigation and committed suicide at the hotel when the police went to look for him to announce.

According to the complaint of Solis's relatives, the woman disappeared after a strong conversation with your ex boyfriendFor a double life, he lived for about three years: he was married and had two children in Buenos Aires, the city of Loberia. The last weekend before his death, the man went to visit his family, and then moved to La Plata.

"We don't know if the guy acted alone or got help from someone else.", said the chief of police of Buenos Aires, Fabian Perroni, referring to the possibility of an accomplice.

Giselle's body he was buried and wrapped in a sheet Depth 40 centimeters, near the descent along the highway at the height of Villa Eliza. The troops reached this point after analyzing the recordings of surveillance cameras, where it was recorded that Kampos was driving his truck.

“We found Gissella, thank you for joining us. I dreamed of finding her alive, but I found her dead. “That scoundrel killed my sister and dismembered my family,” said Mariela Solis. TennesseeBefore leaving the cell phone, he thanked the police for the exhaustive search and the prosecutor Ana Medina, who was involved in this case.

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