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One year after the crime, Fernando Pastoritszo speaks the lead expert on the case – December 29, 2008

“Jealousy for weapons was a philosophical stone,” says Carlos Ivan Beron, Head of Scopometry of the Crime Forensic Division of the Entre Rios Police Department“Jealousy” refers to a series of studies that make a weapon in a murder investigation. In the case of Nahir Galarza, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Fernando Pastorizzo, her boyfriend, a year ago.

Beron was the key to this. His ability to destroy the original defense argument, which claimed that the weapon into which Nahir (the property of his father, the police) had been shot by accident, jumped on a motorcycle run by Fernando.

“We work from scratch. At first, research confirmed that the shells were from weapons from the father of the suspect. Then, with the previous field work done by the witness expert Gualeguaychu, we went to clarify the details of the crime scene, ”explains Beron.

“Jealousy was important, that is, the tests that revealed the force that was used for the launch and the shot, the direction and trajectory of the bullets, the intentional second shot", explains the specialist.

In addition to the cameras that filmed Nakhir, who left the place where Pastorizo ​​seemed dead, an expert assessment, appointed by the prosecutor Sergio Rondoni Kaffa and coordinated by Beron, determined that he came out of his back through the chest and eventually hit the wall of the house, 60 meters away from him, ”says the agent.

"The shell of this projectile was under her body, so the suspect could not take it as she thinks she did with the second shot," he adds. This is what, according to his research, another bullet "was released into the body, lying on the floor, with a gun on his backfor this reason, the pod was in sight, and the aggressor could take it. ”

This was the key to determining forethought,

“On the same day of the murder, we had a criminal police hypothesis,” recalls Beron. “It was also important to determine the speed of the machine, the fact that there were no gunpowder remnants in Pastorizo’s hand, ballistic microscopy that determined the force used for loading and firing,” he explains.

At the moment, the reason is not the news. “The defense filed a cassation appeal for review of the sentence, but this is already in the hands of justice,” said Beron, an expert who played an important role in the case and has extensive experience. “This case had a great resonance and influence, especially in Guleguaychu and Entre-Rios as a whole, where we all know each other, but for us there was complete equality and respect when we worked on explaining it. I have been doing this for 15 years and have seen over 1,500 people. is dead. If the crime were the other way around, we would act with the same responsibility and care"the cop says.

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