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Now you can download Android 9 Pie Beta for Samsung Galaxy S9


Written by Juan Miguel Barea

Samsung has already released the official beta of Android Pie for Samsung Galaxy S9. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, or accounts with someone who is known on this device, we will teach you everything you need to know to install it Android 9 beta on your device

After launching the update in some countries of Eastern Europe, and then in the UK and Germany, it is time for users of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in Spain to use this beta version. We will teach you how to download and install upgrade your Galaxy S9 device below.

Now you can download Android 9 Pie Beta to your Galaxy S9 from Spain

Goodbye Samsung Experience, hi, user interface

It should be remembered that Samsung, in the past case of developers and software, announced a change in the nomenclature of its operating system. Now it is called Samsung Experience, which will be called One user interfaceThis new system for the galaxy includes a significant accessibility improvement within the system, faster setup and focused on using a mobile phone with one hand. And not only that, but Samsung did an excellent job, including simpler menus and every time more like a pure android experiencewithout losing the essence of your level of customization.

How to install the beta version of Android 9 on the Galaxy S9

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and this is the Spanish version, you are lucky you can Today Android 9 Pie Beta,

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First of all, we need to install Samsung Members app in our galaxy. It is usually installed on our mobile phone by default. However, you can download Samsung from Google Play.

When we install this app for Samsung, we will have to check or login. After registration, click on the three lanes icon in the upper left corner and click "ads". Here we go to the option selection. register with the beta version of One UI.

Now we just need to fill inscription and wait To this we get an update of Android 9 in our Galaxy S9. We should note that the update does not go instantly, but we have to wait a while. We can check if we have an update in Settings, Software Update and Manual Download. When we see the update, click "Download" and follow the instructions that we present.,

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The appearance of a single user interface on the galaxy S9

The appearance of this operating system includes an aesthetic design, but also improves stability and security. In addition, there is a noticeable difference compared to the Samsung Experience with Oreo, which will also mean an improvement in the Galaxy user experience.

We recommend that you upgrade your Galaxy S9 at your own risk, because, although this is a fairly advanced beta phase, This is not a stable version. still. However, if you do not want to wait, you can already get it.

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