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News and the most strange and amazing problems that will bring the near future

Some seem to be removed from fiction; others seem a natural consequence the abuse that people do on the planet, Journalist Don Steinberg synthesized for magazine time 14 events that evolution of technology and society will bring into everyday life in near future, which represent innovation as well as challenges.

IUnited States National Institutes of Health (NIH) do research to find male contraceptive method equivalent to the one that revolutionized female sexuality, because it is safe, effective and reversible. Experimental treatment is not in pills, but in gel applied to the back and shoulders, which combines two hormones that stop the production of sperm without affecting the libido.

hologram of roy orbisonWho died in 1988, toured in 2018; on 2019 musical tour Amy Winehouse (died 2011) and Frank Zappa (died 1993) through this virtual technique. “Increasingly, contracts with interpreters will include conditions about who controls and makes money after the after-death performances,” said Steinberg.

Residual water in the tap

El Paso, TXThis is a very dry city in the arid area. To prevent water from missing 700,000 inhabitants, the program for purify wastewater and turn it into drinking water, It closed loopor in which that which is drained is purified technology that returns quality for consumption and return to the network of neighbors. It is possible that in many other places they imitate the city, which, through various initiatives since 1985, has reduced water consumption per capita by 40 percent.

Video Game Super Bowl

Business eSports – video game competition – ready to surpass $ 1,000,000. After being founded in 2017, The Overwatch League, which wants to become first city team tournament for Overwatch, the game Blizzard EntertainmentSold franchise of $ 20 million to Comcast and other companies. Outside The United States has cities in Europe and China that are already participating.

Baldness remedy

In 2016, a group of Japanese researchers announced that they were developing a regime use stem cells to regenerate hair folliclesand that human clinical trials can begin in 2019. Ryken, Japan’s largest research institute, works in an organ regeneration lab.together with two companies in a project called Hair, which hopes to achieve the end of baldness in 2020,

Mammoth Tundra Returns to Earth

Harvard University research focuses on using methods genetic edition resurrect the mammoth tundraor woolly mammoth and dove insert the DNA of these extinct species into the cell cultures of live animals,

Coffee as a protected species

According to the report of the Climate Institute, if no action is taken to reduce carbon emissions, it is assumed that Climate change "will reduce the area suitable for the production of coffee in the world by 50% by 2050"The problems that threaten this industry in the amount of $ 19,000 million are associated with fever, drought, disease and the disappearance of insects responsible for pollination.

SpaceBelt, Cloud Constellation, hopes to create a global network of satellites so at the beginning of the decade of 2020, data is no longer stored on Earth. Space storage can store sensitive data away from the Internet and, possibly, also from the authorities.

The floor of the world, with problems with water

AT World Water Development Report The United Nations (UN) it was estimated that 3,600 million people (about half of the world's population) live in areas where potential water scarcity exists at least one month of the year.

According to the study By 2023, the edible insect market will cost $ 1,200 million.. Currently, about 2 billion people eat crickets, worms and other insects.

In New Zealand, there is no more affection.

To save your bird characteristics kiwi or apteryxamong other species New Zealand undertakes to destroy by 2050 all rats, weasels, possums, mountain cats and other invasive predators that are not native country

It is estimated that in the traditional cemetery of 4 hectares is buried Enough wood to build 40 houses and keep a liquid body to fill the poolThe so-called natural or green cemeteries, which are distributed in developed countries, offer biodegradable coffins and formaldehyde-free mixtures.

The authorities of Houston opposed the opening of the brothel, in which they will offer humanoid sex service robotsBut Brothel Rogues already exist in Barcelona, ​​Turin, Moscow and Toronto,

arenawhich is used to create cement and glass, among other things, is one ofthe natural resources of the most exploited world without controlThis is also a barrier that protects the coast from rising sea levels. Deficit is already formed the appearance of pirates destroying the island sell sand.

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