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New developments that WhatsApp will add in 2019

These are the new WhatsApp features in 2019, all the new features and capabilities that will be available to the most frequently used messaging applications around the world. And we have already warned that one of the news users will not like

Regeneration, December 29, 2018– WhatsApp is one of the most important applications that we have in our phone. This is one of the important things, and although we are trying to use alternative applications, such as Line or Telegram, in the end we have a large group of acquaintances and friends who use only WhatsApp, so you need to install the Facebook application. So, or if you already have it as the main application, we will tell you what the most important WhatsApp features and innovations of 2019 will be.

WhatsApp is not a perfect application. In fact, this is enough, but every year a number of changes are introduced to try to please more and more users. 2018 was not a bad year in this sense, although at the moment we don’t have too much news for WhatsApp in 2019.

And, in addition to some new emoticons, WhatsApp news in 2019 focuses on security, the devices on which it will be available … and on advertising. Yes, WhatsApp will cease to be free, and this is one of the features and new features of WhatsApp in 2019, which we will discuss below.

What news was about whatsapp this year?

The year 2018 was a particularly good year for the application, and we had several important updates that added elements that, yes, were already in other messaging applications, such as Line or Telegram, but which are more used by users of the application to send messages which are highly appreciated (and received with open arms).

Let's start with the fact that this year WhatsApp has been updated to receive GIF-files. They arrived a little timidly, but finally, we can send a GIF to our contacts. Little by little, this opportunity was honed to such an extent that the search engine was integrated on the keyboard, which is very convenient, since you do not need to go to the web page, find the GIF you need, load it and then load it into WhatsApp.

Another new feature of WhatsApp is stickers. Yes, we also know that Line and Telegram take a lot of time, but the appearance of stickers on WhatsApp was a breath of fresh air for the application and for our communication. In addition, it awakened the imagination of users who have the tools to create their own stickers.

There was also a series of updates to improve video consumption without having to choose whether we want to watch a video or talk with our contacts, as well as improve the purple call function and manage groups. However, now we are going to focus on key features, new features and whatsapp features for 2019, because there are three very important points in the coming months.

Mobile phones on which WhatsApp will stop working in 2019

Like every year, there are mobile phones in which WhatsApp will stop working. Like everyone else, applications are updated, and although Facebook doesn’t care that we have a mobile Pleistocene, it works wonders, the truth is that there are functions that for some reason may be too “heavy” for a device or an operating system .

And when the application is updated, the responsible persons should see which operating systems or which versions of the system are most likely the most common. Yes, do not worry, because, most likely, the mobile phone you are using on WhatsApp right now will not work in a few days.

You only have to worry if you have a Nokia S40, as this is a mobile phone in which WhatsApp will stop working in 2019, in particular, on the last day of 2018. S40 is a mobile phone that has been around for more than 10 years, and if you still have it As the main mobile phone, don't let yourself worry, because WhatsApp stops working, but you have to thank for the download (although, well, this is Nokia from these ").

From February 1, 2020, WhatsApp will stop working on all Android phones with version 2.3.7, as well as on all iPhones with iOS 7. If you look at certain models, WhatsApp will also not work on the following devices:

  • Windows Phone 8.0 mobile phones
  • iPhone 3GS with iOS 6
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Blackberry 10
  • BlackBerry Mobile Phones

If you have one of these terminals, you will have to make the leap, which is not difficult if you do not want to spend a lot of money thanks to the very large Chinese middle-class phones that we received during these months.

We will continue to fight fake news

This year we had several controversial points regarding the technological world, and one of them was fake news. For example, the missing news seems to have decided the elections in the United States in favor of Trump, which is related to Facebook … and, therefore, with WhatsApp.

It seems that in the image cleanup campaign, Zuckerberg wants to clear WhatsApp from fake news, and therefore recently released a function that limits the number of attempts to send WhatsApp messages. The first step was to add the “Forwarded” tag so that users know that this is not original information.

The next step was to limit the number of users to 20, which can be forwarded the same message, a way to combat spam, but now they have become much more stringent. And, recently, WhatsApp has been updated to limit re-submissions to five people.

This is what happened in India, where people even died from false news, but little by little, WhatsApp will apply this restriction in other countries. This is a very important WhatsApp measure for the year 2019 and a tool to counter false news.

And advertising on whatsapp

WhatsApp will stop being free. In the past, you had to pay a small amount for using WhatsApp, but when Facebook entered the game, it was all over, and WhatsApp remained a free application without any payment for the premium version.

However, it's all over. No, we do not have to pay again to use WhatsApp, but in 2019 advertising will appear. And there are several ways to monetize the free app. One of them is the management of user data, something that Facebook did not do very well, and it really cost Mark some of the aversion to Mark Zuckerberg. Another way is through advertising.

Nothing is free and the application is less important than WhatsApp. This has been known for several months, but one of the biggest WhatsApp news for 2019 is that advertising will come. Now, how will these ads be?

Not that we missed the ad before entering to talk to one of our contacts, whatsapp ads will look exactly like on Instagram (also Facebook, what a coincidence). Among the states and user stories, advertisers can post their products.

Now, how do we pay users? With our data, Facebook is running, which will be sent to agencies for displaying ads that are supposedly personalized.

This will be the biggest news about WhatsApp in 2019, so if you use states and stories, you can prepare an advertisement for WhatsApp, which will appear in the United States at the beginning of the year and will gradually spread to all other regions.

Not everything will be as serious as WhatsApp's functions for limiting false news and advertising, there is also a place for emoticons. Many of us practically communicate with these emoticons, and very soon they will arrive, if we visit Wabetainfo, 357 new emoticons.

And, for the moment, our review of the most important WhatsApp news for 2019. Now we just need an application that will surprise us with such useful tools as those offered by external companies, such as the ability to program messages or play audio for different speeds.

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