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NASA Announces US Goes to the Moon

Private companies can land on the moon immediately after next year, after NASA announces contracts worth $ 3.6 billion to get people there as soon as possible.

Nine firms will compete for contracts for the supply of scientific and technical experiments to the lunar surface, and NASA will allow companies to work out the details of obtaining there.

Tests will help accelerate progress towards long-term scientific research and human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Before people can travel regularly to space, the agency needs to better understand the requirements for navigation, landing and survival.

The news appeared just three days after the NASA InSight spacecraft landed on Mars, only for the eighth time the ship[completednearlysevenmonthjourneyof480millionkilometerskilometersofland[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth[завершилпочтисемимесячноепутешествиена480миллионовкилометровсЗемли[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth

NASA wants to test the system on the moon before committing to commercial delivery services on Mars.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein made a statement at the agency’s headquarters in Washington by 2019, which marks the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the manned moon.

He hinted at the news at the beginning of the week, when he tweeted that the US was heading to the moon "earlier than you think."

The space agency has already released the first images and videos, which say that "quiet beauty is here" in the spacecraft twitter account.

A landing plane worth $ 993 million, which appears to be in good shape, will soon begin to deploy its robotic arm for a 360-degree view and deploy its earthquake sensors on the surface of Mars.

NASA engineers will soon start working with a robotic arm, but proceed with caution.

The hand has five mechanical fingers to help it rise and place its two tools on the Martian soil in the next few months.

“Slowly releasing all of my tension, starting with loosening my grip, as these before and after pictures show,” the NASA InSight Twitter account says.

“Until I can stretch my hand, my views will be the same.”

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