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Nahir Galarza, a year after the crime Pastoritstso: "I do not want to go back to the past"

Mysterious collector asked the sculptor to make Nahir Galarza doll, I paid 900 pesos for resin and epoxy resin work: a blonde doll in denim shorts, a pink shirt with pictures, 9 millimeters in the right hand and handcuffs in the leftWhen Nahir saw the image of the doll, she said in surprise:

20-year-old girl sentenced to life imprisonment for killing two bullets Fernando Pastoritstso On December 29, 2017 in Gualeguaychu, he cannot believe his sudden fame, which was forged after the murder that shook the country.

Nahir, convicted on July 3 of this year, will live on a special day today. “I can’t believe that a year has passed, everything was very fast, this year has flown by”said yesterday Infobae,

Two weeks ago, I said to this medium: “I will always bear pain all my life. I feel bad because the day I try to forget ended up dying young, I will carry this weight all my life. I arranged a duel I had to do. "

In the afternoon you will receive a visit from your parents to jail. Marcelo and Yamin and his younger brother. On Sunday 30 and Monday, the 31st meeting will be repeated to celebrate the end of the year.

This week she received offers for media interviews in Spain, Chile and Uruguay. “I try not to watch TV and not to listen to the news, but sometimes it is impossible, because there is always someone who tells me that they are talking about me”says nahir.

What he doesn’t know is that in Mercado Libre they sold pink shirts with his face and lettering. "I'm bored"in some way revived shirts, which went on sale from the crime Nora Dalmasso and his alleged lovers, whose legend reads: "I was not with Norita."

This is not something new: cups and T-shirts with a picture were sold at that time. Ricardo Barredaa dentist who killed his wife, his mother-in-law and her two daughters; poisonous dolls Yuya murano and of Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puigwho killed eleven people in the back in 1972 or while they were sleeping.

Even in spite of herself, Nahir seemed to have entered the dark cult Olympus of Argentine crime.

“Every time I move to a place, the first thing I notice is the presence of cameras. I feel noticed all the time.They are fixed on the minimal gesture that I make, as if i was an actressThis led me to distrust everyone, because every minimal word I said was published or misinterpreted. Today, he trusted no one but my parents, "Nahir said in an exclusive interview he gave Infobae December 9 in the Parana Women's Prison.

He asked the author of this note:

“Do you think I'm a killer psychopath?” Don't you think I look like the Robledo Puig you interviewed?

No, absolutely not. What do you know about Robledo Puig?

– I read your story, I would like to watch a movie. I know it was a sweet boy who killed in the back or while they slept. And he was in prison for 46 years. Why do you think my case had such an impact on the media?

-I dont know. Or maybe I know, but I don't like theory.

– How do you know?

– I saw the news in the news portals. Photos of you appeared on the beach, in the pool, at parties.

-What did the names say?

– The young man was killed by his girlfriend in the back.

One year after the crime, Nahir is being held in the Parana Women's Prison, and her story continues to evoke interest. Her name appears among the most popular words in Google in 2018, a book was published (written by Mauro Fulko and Mauro Set), and she he received at least four sentences to tell his story in a documentary or filmIn the middle of all this, a sexual video was shot with her and Fernando as the main characters.

Even judicial and penal sources insist that Nahir allowed visit Matthias KaudanaThe young man is accused of drug trafficking. But she insists on denying it. “I don't have a boyfriend, I don't know him”,

Between hate and charm

During the trial in June, several people stood at the door to watch Nahir handcuff her.

“Are you here to support the Fernando family?” – Want to know Infobae while

– Yes, – one of them answered, – but also out of curiosity. I have never seen a murderer nearby.

-What are you interested in?

-What did he do. Only a monster could do that. Above it is beautiful and goes on so arranged court. Did the hairdresser go to jail? Clarito were made, hair was flawless. Do you take note? Do not put my name, I ask you, please. Do not give me trouble.

Marisa Espektor, a neighbor of 64 years old, who is waiting to leave Nahir, has no problems with the publication of his name.

-I watched TV and decided to come, because at that time the whole city suffered from this incident. This girl intrigues me how she could do it. It should not be right in the head.

Suddenly the door opened, and Nahir left in handcuffs, dressed in black, covering her face with her hands, because there was an open part in the cap. People ran to see her closer, as if the one who had gone out was not a man accused of cold-blooded murder in the back, but a rock star or actress.

People surrounded the patrol car, photographed it. One afternoon a truck drove by and the driver shouted:

Women looked at him with disdain.

-You dress like a party! exclaimed one of them.

-The platforms he uses are beautiful. There is a tach. But this is true, Gurys passed. They even say that she is combing her hair during the trial.

On one of the first days of the trial, Nahir’s departure was chaotic. A group of men and women rushed to the patrol car that carried it, and even crashed into the car. There was one cry:

The woman began to cry without consolation. He had a T-shirt "Justice for Fernando",

-I don't understand why they cover their faces! We are not going to stop until you get eternal! he shouted.

The parents of Nahir, Marcelo and Yamin, also usually shouted "killers" when they left the court after seeing their daughter.

"I do not want to go back to the past"

Failure is not unanimous. More: over time, the intensity has decreased. Few send you letters and letters of support. They wrote and sent him books from Spain.

– Many people encourage me, support me and write to me. As I say that many negative things have been produced, there are others that are not.

– Are you trying to erase what happened on December 29, 2017? He asked Infobae Nahir.

– I survived everything, I mean the fact, and until the day that I remembered, because, frankly, there are things that I do not remember. I stated at the trial because I had to do this in order to give an explanation, it seemed to me that I had to get rid of all this. Apart from learning everything that happened to me that day, what I had to say at the trial was very difficult. Nerves from the press behind me, unknown people who went to witness the process, judges, prosecutors, lawyers. It was very difficult, because I do not consider my things, I do not like to talk about me. It was amazing to do it in front of everyone, in addition to how difficult and ugly was what I experienced and what happened. When I finished announcing that I had left and went to my parents, I wept, I had to cry, and everything, I said, I never remember that again, and I let go, I don't want to go back to the pastI do not want to stand or stay on that terrible day. All that I had to say, I said at the trial. I do not want to talk about this topic again, I also do not want to be misunderstood. I have already been tried and sentenced. "

At trial, Nair testified for two hours. He said:

“At some point, when he started driving the bike with both hands, I just pulled out a gun, and when he realized this, he slowed down the bike, and when he braked, I was suddenly stunned and we both fell. I stretched, and it was immediately that I was stunned again, it was two seconds, nothing more, I do not know how to describe it. My mind is empty, I did not know what to do. His mind was boring. I was desperate and nervous. I do not know how to explain it, I wish I had done it. "

He also stated that he had been subjected to gender-based violence by Fernando, that he had aimed a gun at her and threatened her. He then said that after the shots (made from his police father's 9-mm regulating rifle) "I did not know what to do."

"I could not stay, but I could not leave." My mind disappeared, I went home, I entered my room and did not know what to do, I knew that Fernando was shot, but he did not know about another shot. Being offended does not mean that you die. It did not occur to me that Fernando would die. It was an accident, because more things I would have done would never harm her. It never occurred to me, or it occurred to me to kill someone. Seriously, I did not want this to happen, what happened. I was thinking about my father, and he didn’t want to be blamed because it was his weapon. Every day I feel guilty for grabbing a gun at this moment and not allowing something to happen differently. I was desperate. "

A year from that day, Nahir seems calmer. "Everything went through something, because maybe it was supposed to happen."thinks Nahir. As if the prison saved her from an uncertain fate.

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