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Musk teases Star Ship in a round of posts on Twitter

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Among the tweets of Tesla and The Boring Company is SpaceX founder, CEO and Chief Designer of Missiles Elon Musk teasing the latest news about the Big Falcon Rocket "Starship" rocket.


SpaceX Star ship Big Falcon Rocket Image courtesy of SpaceX

Starship / Big Falcon Rocket illustration released by SpaceX when the company is preparing to test a massive new vehicle. Image courtesy: SpaceX

Among the tweets of Tesla and The Boring Company is the founder, CEO and chief designer of SpaceX rockets, Elon Musk, teasing the latest news about the Big Falcon rocket "Starship".

Although the preservation of the original name of the “Big Falcon” rocket could have caused controversy over the name of the rocket (meaning behind the letter “F” caused some controversy), Mask’s latest tweets touched on something much more significant – what will this new rocket composed of.

In the case of the recently named Starship, this material looks like stainless steel. Although stainless steel is not something new, it was invented in 1913 by Henry Brearly. Musk noted positive aspects of the tweet material of December 24, 2018: "The usable strength / weight of a completely solid stainless material in cryo is slightly better than that of carbon fiber, the room temperature is the worst, the heat is much better. ”

SpaceX Starship Big Falcon Rocket Image courtesy of SpaceX Elon Musk

Image written by Elon Musk from SpaceX, with test equipment that will be used to prepare the new Starship for a possible orbital flight. Photo Credit: Elon Musk / SpaceX

So what type of paint did Musk choose to cover a massive new car? No one. "The skin will become too hot for paint. Stainless mirror finish. Maximum reflectivity. "

When it comes to the temperatures that a vehicle encounters, when it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere (the retired fleet of NASA shuttle orbiters has run up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit / 1649 degrees Celsius), it’s essential shielding matched the job. It seems that for this task the Star ship can use a heat shield with regenerative cooling.

The heating tiles used on NASA’s spacecraft (designed and built by Rockwell International) were designed for the life of each orbiting satellite — 100 missions. The shuttle also used thermal blankets and other systems and procedures to reduce the stress of interaction with the atmosphere.

Heat shields used on past spacecraft were mostly disposable. For example, ablative heat shields burned, taking heat with them. This type of defense system was used on NASA's Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft.

Musk is discussed with the help of regeneration-class protection Starship by About,: "The leeward side doesn’t need anything, the windward side will be cooled with residual (cryo) liquid methane, so liquid silver will appear even on the hot side. "

SpaceX benefited from materials developed by NASA for thermal protection. The most obvious of these is PICA-X, which is a derivative of a NASA heat shield with a phenol-impregnated carbon ablator (PICA).

Just as was done on the NASA shuttle, Starship rocket engines should be protected during the critical return period. Musk seemed to consider the question in tweet on Christmas in response to questions he was asked: "No, predators must be protected when entering the atmosphere. Although maybe not … Musk said that the three test engines will be used for test "bunker" flights, which can take place as early as 2019.

Starship is a car that has undergone several design changes, raising the question of how much later design changes allow the company to produce Starship faster. Musk said that he will talk about how this process works sometime in March / April. He also said that these changes could provide a 60 percent chance that the spacecraft could be in orbit. 2020,

As Amit Malevard of Tech Explorist noted, the Big Falcon rocket system will use a 219-foot (67-meter) rocket accelerator, which Musk called “super-heavy”.

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