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Moria Kasan, a chameleon who is always in power

He is irreverent and has a unique style. He has a strong personality and is politically incorrect. An indefatigable and multifaceted worker who throughout his career served as a veteran, actress, comedian and humorist. Moria Kasan (73) understands the rules of the entertainment world and has always remained in force.

In 2018 one decided to make major changes in his television career: he left his chair in Bailandoafter being one of the historical jury of the competition. They continued on the stand Marcelo Polino and Angel de Britowhile repair came with Florence Pena and Laurita Fernandez. The program went well, but no one was able to fill the gap in the jury, which always caused scandals and controversy with the participants. Moria has always been very functional in the show, so much so that she was responsible for replacing Marcelo Tinelli when he lost his voice and was forced to abandon the live program.

with You're wrongDiva was chosen to update America in the afternoon Infama I have held for many years. Accompanied by her “vayans” (the word she had invented to name her panelists), Moriah was at the helm of the magazine for seven months. Merit in today's television, which quickly excludes any program that does not reach a good audience level. So he resumed the leadership that he left many years ago, like when he interviewed politicians in Sleep with moriaor when he found the phrase "if you want to cry, cry" in a talk show Between moriah and you,

With his karate language he also replaced Jorge Rial at intruders, First, during the trip, which the journalist made in the United States. And he continued at the beginning of the cycle for another four months, because the driver took the license to devote himself to a new working draft and restore relations with his daughter. brunetteThus, he spent four hours on the air with two programs from Monday to Friday on the screen of America.

He also did participate in 100 days to fall in loveartifice Telefe who competed in one lane ShowmatchIn the successful Metropolitan strip, she played a character who ironically laughed at herself, such as when she referred to the scandal over the theft of the jewels for which she was imprisoned in Paraguay.

Summer Diva plans to continue in front of are wrong with an extended schedule. In addition, he will tour the country performing a drag queen competition. And they evaluate the implementation of the television version of this event, as well as the American cycle. also there is an offer to participate in the series this will be broadcast on demand on the platform. And they seduced her filmed in two local films.

Unlike historical television conductors such as Tinelli or Mirta LegrandThe fact that every year they resort to the same format (because they know that it works), Moria was recommended another challenge. And the audience followed her. Loved by some and criticized by others, she is a chameleon, because she never ceases to amaze with her explosive statements, because she says what she thinks, because she is not afraid of criticism, because she is authentic.

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