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Mockery: “The trial of Kalu Rivero was the worst decision Juan Dartes could take in his life.”

Radio Mitra show

January 30, 2019

The lawyer questioned the decision made by the actor when the actress accused him of having "excesses" during the scenes, which both starred in the movie "Dulce Amor."

Fernando burlando took the case Juan Dartsafter accusation that Thelma Fardeen He made an actor, and since then he has been introduced as his legal advisor. For this reason, the lawyer expressed his opinion on the complaint filed by the actor several years ago. Calu riverowho pointed it out for "frills" during the recording of Dulce Amor's series, and was surprised at his statements.

"Juan in Argentina does not complain about it"The lawyers said and confirmed that the actor"He appealed to justice to tell his truth"After complaints, Anita Co and Natalia Yunkos they did it for the alleged pursuit. "What happened to them was an “advance”, something that was normal at other times, and today it is no longer"He stressed.

Juan Dartes fear on returning to Argentina

In this sense, he differentiated this case from the Kalu Rivero case and reflected thisshe didn't even say he is a stalker“But this“ she felt embarrassed ”in the scenes she told the actor who lives in Brazil these days.

"Hiding the truth or transforming reality is the same as lying. They said there will be more complaints, not them. It seems that while capricious, Juan Dart did not have a life, he lived in leading roles in the series."He pondered, asking questions to the artist, and asked:"Nobody began to analyze the words of each of the people who talk about Juan? No one took the time?".

Then Burlando was surprised by the statement regarding the decision he would give Darthés when he condemned Rivero, "This case is different. I would not judge him, I had the right to do it, but it seemed the worst decision in his life, Juan chose the wrong path and place"Explained a man from La Plata.

The close conversation between Juan Dartes and his lawyer Fernando Burlando was well known: “Do you want me to protect you? Then start … "

For a lawyer, the alleged “excesses” that might have been during the series “Dulce Amor” were not the actor’s mistake, but the tone that the producers pointed to the novel. "She was analyzed by scenes where she said that she was uncomfortable if she spoke to the producer, and he continued, the one who chases the woman is the producer, not the actor."He finished.

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