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Merval ended the year with the worst result in a decade.

Leading events stock exchange Buenos Aires a 2.6% increase today and they ended the year with a rise of only 0.7%, the worst result in ten yearsWhereas the risk of the country was regressing and amounted to 810 points, when the end of 2017 was at the level of 350.

On this last day, on Monday, it will not be viable, even if international markets work, the Merval indicator rose to 30,292.55 points, and the volume of trading in stocks reached $ 570 million.

Price balance remained 56 papers in rise, 18 in low and 13 species unchanged,

Argentine bags and markets from 7.42%; Mirgor, 6.44%; Banco Macro, 6.29% and Grupo Financiero Valores, 5.82%.

On the other hand, they closed: Aluar with 4.42% and Transportadora Gas del Norte, 0.88%.

During December, merval received a decrease of 3.8%, and the year had a slight increase of 0.7%, which this was not a refuge for investors and investors in the face of inflation, which reached 50%.

In the bond market, the main Argentine dollar denominated bonds are heavily strengthened, and in some cases more than 3% in line with the improvement in country risk.

Bonar 2024 increased by 3.1%; while Bonar 2021 advanced by 2.1%, Discount and Argentina 2025 – by 1.8%, and bonds with a hundred-year annual income – by 1.6%.

"Year of oblivion ends, in which the cruel devaluation of the peso was affected by weakened extremes in the Argentine economy. Recent rises are forcing the Merval index to recover in nominal terms to return to a minimum, ”said Mauro Morelli, an analyst at RavaBusiness.

The specialist said that the roles of Argentine companies working on Wall Street "suffered a lot during the year, with low at 30% and over 70% in dollarsalmost all of them are literally liquefied. "

"Economic concerns for developing countries Argentina has the worst performance In this category, as well as political instability and economic uncertainty, it is worth asking if the country belongs to this category, ”he warned.

According to his estimates, "the financial keys for 2019 still remain: the solvency of the budget, the reduction of inflation and the stability of the exchange."

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