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Mendoza, the promised land of Millo

The story will say that one summer night, in this country of sun and good wine, which is so nice, The river was once again the river del Munieco Gallardo. As in March 2018, when he came to somersaults and won the Argentine Super Cup in Boca, Napoleon’s team made a turning point. He again fell in love with his bound game, his stifling pressure and the hierarchy of his individuality. Of course, in Godoy Cruz found a partner in his uprising. Because a lot more than the free throw of Andrano, who returned the left goal of the goal, protected by Armani, Tomba did her best to make the millionaire come to his senses. Slow, inaccurate and decided to stop playing (as long as the game no longer matches) Tomba gave Nacho Fernandez and Palacios enough freedom to handle the ball to the pleasure and pleasure behind Andradas and Elias.

Gomez, DT Tomba, was concerned about the level of his team. The mouth goes. | Marcelo Rolland / Andes

Killed by three losses in a row? Nothing like this. River forgot the recent past and restored the memo. He tried to get strong from the pressure, triangulations and liftings of Montiel and Casco on the wings. Tomba responded to Gonzalez and Burgoa, who caused a foul that led to a shot at the Andrada pole. But as a team hierarchy, Millo did not allow himself to go ahead and quickly responded. First, the triangulation between Casco, Perez, Palacios, Borre threw the center, and Fernandez nodded into the street. Then, when Andrada wanted to go outside, playing (unlike Lanus), Borre recovered in the beginning, Palacios was helped by Pratto, and Bear’s unattractive left leg was lapidary.

The Colombian is back to show a good level. | Marcelo Rolland / Andes

Faced with his people, River was expanded to become even bigger. In fact, before the penalty, which Borre had changed on goal (innocent hand and Arena to break the waist of coffee), was the legitimate goal of the Colombian striker himself, was canceled at the request of assistant number two, Gerardo Carretero. To add insult to the wound, Cardona threw a criminal strike and left the team with 10 at the worst moment. Everything to ask the river, which was cut with a score of 2-0, with which they went to rest.

Marcelo Rolland / Andes

ST was the succession of the first. The game, which had already ceased to be such, broke even more when Pratto defeated with an offensive head attack to the free resistance of Ramirez. And even the debutant Suarez scored on a holiday with a goal. In Mendoza, the holy land, if one exists for its history, River took advantage of the defenseless Tomboy, too easy and innocent.

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