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Maxi Rodriguez returns to Newells: "He always turns to first love"

Argentine football adds reinforcement to hierarchy, trajectory and old age. Pepe Sand, 38, returned to Lanus yesterday, after an unsuccessful move of Colombian football and after the public apology of President Garnet. Today, the return of another prodigal son has become a reality: Maxi Rodriguez will have his third cycle in Newell, in a week from — already — 38 years.

Rosarino club management contacted La Fiera and expressed a desire to wear a red-and-white shirt to close the scene as a football player. This communication made the player very happy, and he decided to leave Peñarol from Uruguay, despite the fact that they offered him to improve the contract. Good news for Rosario fans came this afternoon on Newell's social networks.

The steering wheel puts his signature on his third stage in Newells, where he was between 1999/2002 and 2012/2017, when between tears he announced his march after a severe depletion due to serious economic problems an institution for the campus and a complex political climate.

Maxi, close to returning to Newells.
Maxi, close to returning to Newells.

Fiera, the global player of the Argentina national team at the World Championships 2006, 2010 and 2014, brings experience to a team of many young people headed by Ector Bidoglio, who led the reserve and was confirmed in the post after winning two parties that lasted his temporary.

Maxi Rodriguez will be 38 years old in January, and since mid-2017, he played in Uruguayan Peñarole, where he was awarded a two-time champion and champion of the Uruguayan superkopy.

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