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Mauro Viale revealed the “dark” detail of his interview with Juan Dartes

On December 11, Thelma Fardin convicted Juan Dart for rape. In the video that was shown at a conference organized by the team of Actrices Argentinas, she told her story about how she could speak ten years later, because other women were inspired by the first.

The actor defended himself in a note he gave to Mauro Viale. He said he was innocent, and he treated her like a liar. Now the journalist revealed the "dark" fact that caught his attention when he entered the house to interview him.

“I never chose every word so carefully, I imagined what was going to happen to me, I wouldn’t take a note anymore, I wanted to explain to you the shock that this note meant to us … When he says," We are going erase it "We assume that there will be physical abuse. The house had a very ugly picture. He was a gentleman, but did you see children? They declare that they wanted to remove the note, and Dartes immediately accepted it, ”he began in Pamela in the afternoon.

Then he added: "The picture we found when we arrived at the house was not a pleasant one. He said that he was "stuffed" in his own words. It was very bad, terrible. I have not seen his wife. "

Although he assumed that the portrait he had found in the actor’s house produced something strange, he thought, assuring that he would meet him face to face to hear what else he would say.

On that day, Dartes assured that Fardeen was insinuated. “I am dead, I want people to know that I am dead, they cannot kill me twice, the only thing that interests me is to tell my truth. I never raped anyone, never pursued anyone. She knocked on the door of my room because she wanted to change the map, I took it out of the room. I said, "What happened, you have a boyfriend." I was the one who told him that my children were her peers. How can I do something like this? I don't know what she thinks. I have no idea why he does it, "he said.

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