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Mauro Viale called Mariano Judica a traitor?

Mauro Viale He is one of the respected media journalists, interviewed great personalities and is always characterized by his directness in asking questions. On this occasion it was very difficult to talk about Mariano Judica and showed his discomfort with the driver "Dispute in the bar." The context is associated with the release of the game cycle.

Mauro’s hard-earned account relates to a special guest who attended Mariano’s program while the journalist was on vacation. The famous visitor was nothing more than Alberto Samid. It should be remembered that Viale and Samid have no good relations, the conflict between the main characters has a long history.

Mariano Judica

According to Excitoj, more than 17 years ago, exactly on January 10, 2002, Mauro Viale and Alberto Samid aired themselves on Impacto a las 12, a cycle that was broadcast on América, and marked one of the most memorable moments. and the scandal with the history of Argentine television. But it seems that the scandal has not ended and there are still wounds.

After this fight, the professional and Samid never saw his face again, so the journalist took the opportunity to rebuke the driver and said: “What did you do yesterday? You let me down, betrayal … "Mauro told the driver when he entered the studio, but that's not all, Mauro Viale noted his lack of sympathy for the meat businessman and announced:" Samid is going to leave in March. He has an oral process for illegal unification, "he shot.

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