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Manu Dzhinobili's unexpected visit to the square in Saavedra – December 28, 2008

The spray in the hands, Manu Dzhinobili sat down to leave an indelible mark on the square in the vicinity of Saavedra. Surrounded by spectators, the best Argentine basketball player in history came to look at the La Copita basketball court, which now shows his floor, as well as his autograph.

The aerial view of the murals is impressive. From the blue floor a giant Manu Dzhinobili appears with a “Spurs” shirt at number 20 and with his thumb up.

This Friday, when the first field reconstruction pictures were announced, Ginobili was surprised to see her there. He was not alone: ​​when he looked through several photographs, he was accompanied by three children.

Then Baian put his signature with a white spray, and then he wrote down an advertising campaign, the details of which were not known. Before leaving, as Saavedra Online reports, he greeted some neighbors.

A few meters from General Paz and right behind the Sarmiento Park, neighbors have historically guarded this square. For example, in 2015, they managed to stop a city government project to install a football field there. Officials ordered to remove the giraffes and put the bows.

But through a campaign on the Internet, the neighbors received signatures to abandon this idea, and restored the 3×3 basketball court.

Therefore, it is not surprising that now in one of the most emblematic places of the city there is a wall painting of Manu for playing basketball. The drawing was made by artist Rodrigo Ojedoj, and the goal is to promote, of course, basketball practice.

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