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Malbrana technical staff investigates Hantavirus cases in Epueen

Today and tomorrow they will conduct new field research among the confirmed cases of hantavirus in Epiene.

The Chubut Ministry of Health reported that these “new activities on the ground” will be carried out jointly with the Maillbrun Institute, the Esquel Program health area, the municipality and the local health brigades ”as part of an approach that was implemented prior to the epidemiological situation due to the Hantavirus outbreak.”

In Epuyén they arrive 12 confirmed cases of hantavirus and 5 people died as a result of the virus.

Theresa Strella, Regional Director for Common Pathologies and Epidemiology, said today that “she will ensure continuity field studies on the epidemiology of confirmed cases, the work that has been done and systematized since the beginning of unforeseen circumstances, starting with the identification of each of the 12 cases that were confirmed for the Hantavirus. "

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Strella indicated that "they will comply inter-industry desktops » between all organisms.

It will carry forward. " review and update of all the work that has been done so far“He added, adding that“ new interventions that may arise ”will also be evaluated based on the presentations.

Also tomorrow, Friday, there will be an “open conversation with the community,” where “we will share our findings on what was the work of the previous day and we will give answers to the problems of the population".

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