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Look for the letter “O” to the west of Placento Park in Fortnite, complete the test.

Search for the letter "O" to the west of Placentro Park is one of the stages of the problem 4 week 7 season Fortnite, In this guide, we will tell you how to overcome the 5 stages of this test so that you can easily complete it and thus increase the level of the battle passage.

First you must know where is west about park placersomething that we will indicate with great detail so that later you know where the letter "S" in Alameda Aulanta (stage 2)where is the letter M in Socavón Soterrado and where the letter N is under the frozen lake, finally, where is the NOMS mark in Ciudad Comersio,

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Look for the letter “O” to the west of Placento Park in Fortnite, how to pass the test

Phase 1: Look for the letter “O” west of Placentro in the seventh Fortnit season.

Head west to Park Placentro. To the southwest of the mountain you will see a small abandoned house. Outside, in a corner surrounded by containers and garbage, it is worth O. It is not enough to “see” it. You must come and interact with her …

look for a letter

Phase 2: Look for the letter "S" in Alameda Aullant in the 7th season of Fortnit

Do you remember the maze that was last season at the center of this area? Well, you must “drill” the floor of the structure that is in the center to gain access to the underground laboratory. On the first floor of the laboratory, without going down, look for all the small rooms with doors. Detres is the door of one of them, this letter.

look for a letter

Phase 3: Look for the letter "M" in Fortnit Underground Socavone Season 7

In the southeast of this area you will find small interconnected metal cubic rooms. You should look for those that are southeast of the area attached to the white fence. You must enter through the door that you have in the image below …

look for a letter

Once inside, you will find the letter S in one of the two rooms in the corner. You will need to open the door to get the letter (not counting the fact that the image above).

look for a letter

Phase 4: Look for the letter "N" under the frozen lake in the seventh Fortnite season

You have to go to Kazero cholesterol, a frozen area. You will see a frozen lake with a black roof. Destroy it and you will fall inside the building. Leaning against the wall, you will find the letter N behind the cold rooms.

look for a letter

Phase 5: NOMS signal visit at Ciudad Comersio at Fortnite, season 7

In the northwestern end of Ciudad Comercio, in the shops that are north of this district, you will find a large NOMS sign above one of the stores. Suffice it to come to you (you will see that the light came on) to complete the task.

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