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Letter of letter that Claudia Villafane sent to the producers of the series Diego Maradona

In the last hours Fernando Burlando sent a letter to Amazon, the producer responsible for promoting the project, and urged them not to use the name Claudia: “Let him know that my applicant does not allow the use of his personal lifethe use of their family life, intimacy, name, image, even when they use pseudonyms or false names, syndicated to the character, or which can somehow relate to their life or personality, directly, indirectly or figuratively, "it is written.

Then he continues:Let him know that any resemblance to his man will not be a coincidence, and that you earn or pretend that you are selling a show involving his life alongside Mr. Maradona.“I emphasize to him that the use of figurative names or artistic clothing will constitute a gross deception of the alleged intelligence and memory of the public and may damage my applicant’s honor in the interests of economic gain.”

Finally, it closes:Any hint of Claudia Villafane who does not illustrate reality will not be fiction, but a clear insult to her personality.but. I urge you to refrain from filming, distributing, publishing, selling or promoting the use of Ms. Claudia Rozana Villafagne’s person or life, otherwise I will pursue ",

“According to what they (for production) said, they are not going to change the names of anyone, and they are going to leave the real ones. I talked to my lawyer (Fernando Burlando), and they were going to make a lot of money and pay all the opinions that might arise. ”Claudia said in intruders,

The passage of the first chapter, which was transmitted in recent days, does not stop well the former football idol:

Claudia Villafaane: – It's all your fault. Tell me, what will happen now if Diego dies? What will happen to the inheritance with all the children that he has?

Guillermo Coppolla: – Quiet.

Claudia Villafane: – Rest? What will happen to the girls money? Do you imagine that girls who pay, write in magazines to live and remember their father? You son of a bitch.

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