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Laura Esquivel will play Claudia Villafane: It will be done with great respect

Diego Armando Maradona this is another celebrity who will have her own biopic, which will show the life of a former football star. Of course Claudia Villafanefirst wife ten, integrates a very important role in the life of the protagonist. But there is a problem, mother Dalma and Janina He does not agree with the implementation of fiction and will take action on this issue through legal channels.

"I will not allow this, because I do not know the book, and I do not know how they will relate to it." The actresses have nothing to do with this, " explained in "Involved". “They want to tell a story that I don’t know if this is the one in which I lived. Then I prefer not to do this, because if they go to look for information in a place where they don’t need to look for it, they will show Claudia, which is not or wasn’t .. I will not allow it, I cannot allow them to say something that is not true to reality "he said.

In the midst of all this scandal, Laura Esquivel, who will play "La Claudia" in his youth, spoke about what his interpretation would be for the series: “Glad to life, I participated in the casting a couple of months ago, I have the pleasure of working there, I think it will be great, it will be done with great respect, obviously. the stage of the girl that there is no mention of the clave. "

“If I wanted to get together with Claudia, it would be great, I hope that this opportunity is provided, always with respect, with previous studies, in order to be able to give the best and not fail.” concluded the actress.

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