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"La Voz Argentina": Axel chose two members of his team to sing at concerts

(Video of La Voz Argentina – Telefe)

Yesterday the turn came Onlywho had to choose two members of his team to go to live performances, those that will later be added to the two that the public chooses.

And in this continuity of decisions that must be made by the various jurors who make up La voz Argentinadriving cycle Marley on the Telefe screen, this time the responsibility fell on Axel, who, before giving the names of the lucky ones He took a few seconds to send a few words to all members of his team.

"As long as I have a super in the eighth, see. They are here, therefore, side by side, I understand how difficult it is, more difficultAnd since every day, not only this team with all the participants continues to support each other, on networks, on Instagram, on Twitter, which is very valuable, because it shows that there is no competition here, that although we all play the game, everyone is encouraged, valued, that is, spirit and energy that live in La voz Argentina"He congratulated them.

“Who is the artist who goes to the concerts?” Asked the driver.

"I'm going to save Fedya", He limited himself to what he said to the singer, referring to Federico Gomezwho, worried, only limited himself to thanking him.

“Who is the second artist to go to concerts?” He asked later Marley, before Axel will save Amorina Alday,

"Thank you for the opportunity to continue, I give everything to surprise you and … I always cry, she said with gratitude party, between laughter and tears of emotion.

"I could not tell you why I bow to you two, because the truth is that they are all eleven points, All, all, Jorge, Chivi, Pedro, everyone sings incredibly, and now, really, I really trust that people help me, that people are also responsible for finding La voz Argentinanow in their hands. I trust people, as always, Axel’s team is everything, ”Axel concluded, hinting that the voice of the public will determine the two other members of his team, who will be added to the live performances of his favorites.

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