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Keto diet is hazardous to health – nutritionist

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diet Keto or rich in fats and intermittent post they inefficient and represent health risksassured nutritionist Raquel Valenzuela Arguelles.

According to Valenzuela Arguellesthis kind prepaid expense they high protein and its foundation is consumption of squirrels in abundance something "similar to the diets that were known many years ago."

“In order for the body to eat well, energy requirements must first be met, otherwise the body will use proteins, but not only those that enter the food, but also those that are in the muscles that do not fit, ”he said.

What is a keto diet?

keto diet or cetogénita low in carbohydratesone of the substances that the body needs power, plan of feeding this is to consume, for the most part, fats,

In an interview for UNAM Gazette, Raquel Valenzuela Arguelles emphasized that these types of diets do not contribute good habits of feeding they are not constant; In addition, they can contribute to weight loss, but fat is not lost.

“These types of diets do not contribute to good nutrition because they are not tolerated. long periods, This can lead to weight loss, but you will not lose fat, but fluids, muscle mass or muscle mass, ”he said.

What is intermittent fasting?

16 hours of fasting left, and then eight hours of food consumption, What you have gathered is 24 hours a day. Intermittent breakfast is presented as a “body detox letter”; However, our body, after stress, triggers a protective mechanism.

Health effects

diets rich in fats produce an effect similar to what people experience diabeticbecause they lack glucose To carry cells.

As no carbohydratesno glucose and this creates an effect on metabolism called ketosisthrough which the body produces acetone and its derivatives, ”Valenzuela said.


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