Saturday , January 16 2021

Juan Manuel Urbuy: "It would be a scam to go with Christina Kirchner in the inner part of PJ"

Governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urbutei, once again rejected the option to add the former president Christina Kirchner to the Federal Federation, a political alternative for next year’s elections, which yesterday added the support of seven governors of Peronist. "It will deceive people."- assured the leader of Salta.

"We are moving forward in the construction of a space that seeks to respond to the huge demand of citizens, it is trying to look into the future, get out of the logic of hacking, and we are making every effort to achieve it." We offer an alternative to Kirkhnerism, "Utrubi said in the dialogue. from the radio. Network.

However, he did not rule out that the leaders of the Civil Group could join the Federal PD: “Our goal is to offer an alternative to overcome, this is a conceptual problem, if we want to offer the government of national unity, those who want to come, but cannot pose in their own names, we should discuss something more software.

On the other hand, the governor of Salta summed up the leadership of Mauricio Macri: “He had some progress, but we had a lot of problems, the course chosen was wrong, and we had problems with execution. On the last day of the Makri administration, I believe in my good faith, but everything did not go so well. ”

Yesterday, in the house of Entre Ríos as a meeting place, the electoral alternative, which the Federal Peronist has been building for over a year, has added a new chapter. Seven peronist governors adhered to a project in which lawmakers from the provinces that govern were already involved, and who still had Sergio Massa, Juan Shiaretti, Juan Manuel Urbube and Miguel Picheta as the main visible faces.

Thus, Gustavo Borde, host, Sergio Casas (La Rioja), Juan Manzur (Tucuman), Rosana Bertone (Tierra del Fuego), Domingo Peppo (Chaco), Hugo Passalacqua (Misiones), Mariano Archoni (Chubut) took part in the meeting Peronism. ). Seven extended the so-called photograph of the four, which included the front leader Renovador, Sergio Massa, Juan Manuel Urbui (Salta), Juan Shiaretti (Cordova) and national senator Miguel Pichetto, who were also present.

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