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Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro got married and they have already distributed invitations

Journalist Jorge Rial and nutritionist Romina Pereiro has already sent out her wedding invitations to be held next April 20th. Look

In late December, Jorge Rial surprised everyone by announcing his upcoming wedding with a nutritionist Romina Pereiro, his girlfriend for more than a year and a half. Thus, after the complicated year of 2018, when he had to take a few months of a license from attackers, in order to devote himself to solving personal problems, the journalist was able to pick up a cup A toast to the good news.

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"I committed 24 nightsI asked for Romina’s hand, but first her mother, her daughters and, obviously, Rosio (Rial). We were engaged at around midnight, ”the journalist told him when he was advised on a show for the ring, which he carried in his hand.

On the other hand, Romina approached the details of what the moment was when she spoke in Pamela in the afternoon. "It was a surprise because I did not knowIf there were movements, I knew that they were planning something, but I did not know that it would be at Christmas, after eating. My daughters, Rocio and he, joined me and said, "Well, we want to talk about the whole family." And the offer came between all. So it was very nice, very interesting, ”he said. television show,

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Rial and Romina, who have lived together since last year, have managed to reunite their families. She is the mother of two girls, Violeta (five years old) and Ema (seven), who from the first moment won Jorge very well. The driver is Rocio's father (19) and Morena (19), currently in the seventh month of pregnancy, with whom she managed to leave behind a confrontation that kept them at a distance for several months.

Look at the picture!

This is Riala and Romina's wedding invitation card.

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