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Instagram changed its interface for a few minutes, and users got angry

“We are introducing a new way to navigate publications, touch publications, as you do with stories.” Without announcing this and seemingly innocent phrase, Instagram today presented the biggest change in the history of its publication channel: instead of being upright, photos began to be arranged horizontally, as in the section on stories,

The change was active for several minutes and affected a large number of iOS users, but Instagram eventually deleted it. As Adam Mosseri, the new CEO, later confirmed its implementation was an accidentThe interface was supposed to be tested in a small number of terminals, but in the end it was activated in a general way (which caused user dissatisfaction).

The horizontal offset was already tested in October, which means that the company is seriously considering this change. At the user level, this means that all photos and videos of people you are following will be displayed on cards that you can open in full screen or move gesture or touch as if they were stories, At the advertiser level, this means that advertising on Instagram will now be harder to ignore. And at the level of social networks, this means eliminating scroll in zombie mode to try to increase engagement,

Changes may be ready soon, but certainly not today. On the iPhone 7, the new interface looked like this with a navigation bar at the height of the clock:

Thanks to this random deployment, we were able to experience people's reactions. Just searchInstagram"On Twitter, thousands of angry users are reading who demanded a return scroll Vertical. Their demands were heard, but I am sure that they will soon receive a new interface again. We must assume that stories The Snapchat type ate Instagram, which we knew, and soon the whole Instagram would be a great story.

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