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“I was never worried about the place in the act” “Daily The Capital of Mar del Plata

“I don’t know very well what happened, because when I arrived, the mayor was no longer there,” said Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal of Carlos Arroyo’s withdrawal from the public equipped beach, which was opened yesterday in front of the MAR Museum. And immediately added: "It is true that for me I never cared about the protocol or the place that I was supposed to take in one action. It seems to me that when we do this, the main characters are the people from Mar del Plata, these are Argentines who come to the city, the main character is the city. No politician or official, including me. "

Statements were made this morning in an interview with the radio program La Contratapa, which broadcasts FM Atlántica Latina. "So sorry, I'm sorry, because it was an important event for people from Mar del Plata, for all people … but hey, there were people, this is really the one that matters, the one that matters, for which we work every day and with whom I spoke on the spot, ”the governor finished. By the way, he said that people“ were very happy ”and that a“ long line ”was formed to access the beach.

After the mayor left, the radicals also came out before the act began. for fame, which was going to have a national deputy Guillermo Montenegro, of the PRO. “I believe that people value us for what we do, and not for the place we occupy in the act, for where we are, or for how our name is on the poster. He appreciates our commitment every day and appreciates us at every election for it, ”Vidal said when asked about this episode.

"The fact that there is more than one person who wants to be the mayor of this city seems valuable to us to change, and There are always steps to eliminate the differences. In the meantime, what we work on every day is important, " he pointed

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