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"I tell him that he is a little …", Fed Bal points out against Kalu Rivero

In the middle of polmica denounced Thelma Fardne vs Juan Darts after the rape, a wave of new accusations of various artists and celebrities who have detailed their own test has surfaced. Many remember the Barbie case and Federico Balwho has been publicly convicted of gender-based violence. Now the actor, who had just made his debut as a director in “Again Together,” spoke about his attitude Calu rivero against him.

After actress I decided not to share the program “We can talk” (Telefe) with my son Carmen Barbieri; I responded to the complaint submitted by his ex-girlfriend with great force. At that time, she declined an invitation to Andy Kusnetsov’s production, because Bal and El Polaco were there, and he assured that “he did not sit at the table with rappers,” causing great excitement.

In an interview with Fedor in “Violators”, he told about Kal’s attitude: “When I finished the program, I ran to the airport, boarded a plane and went to Los Angeles, I was headlong into something else. At the first airport and they sent me a message, I saw it on Twitter, I did not sit at the table at the Polish and for myself I understand and respect their position.

“What I am saying to Kalu is that everything was not the way she thinks, so I made a decision on this issue in order to clear my image of something that they installed, it was nothing to see, but if she is convinced I have nothing to say to him. "

In 2017, Carmen Barbieri’s son dealt with Barbie Vles for incidents of gender-based violence, but both of them were rejected by the court of first instance Walter Jos Candela of Penitentiary Court No. 61.

In addition, lapidary is expressed: "I am not interested in sending you any messages, I respect your position, and you are right in not sharing the program with me." I tell him that he is a little wrong, because everything was not the way he thinks. his very position and his campaign, all that he condemned, what he said about Juan (Darts). Good thing women say. "

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