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I bought an abandoned deposit and found 7 million US dollars

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 10:40

The money was in the safe. As soon as the news was known, a lawyer contacted him to demand money. Conversation

The man, who bought an abandoned warehouse at USA He got a big surprise: inside, was safe with 7.5 million dollars,

The person responsible for disclosing the news was auctioneer Dan Dotson, famous for the “Who gives the most” program? (Storage Wars, in English). The driver of the cycle, which is broadcast on the channel A & E, told through the video how it was an unusual discovery.

Buyer bought the unit for only 500 dollarsWhen he checked it to make inventory and calculate how much money he could get for the objects that were there, he discovered that there was a safe. And, to his amazement, he was full of money.

However, the man could not save all the treasure. “They mysteriously received a call from a lawyer representing a person who lost money. They offered them 600 thousand dollars and then doubled it to 1.2 million, ”Dotson explained in the record.

Dan Doton and his wife Laura are program auctioneers. Who gives more?
Dan Dotson and his wife, Laura, are auctioneers for the “Who's Greater” program.
Finally, the buyer accepted the offer and retained the reward in exchange for the delivery of the remaining money.

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