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How to win the lottery 14 times (legally)

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It is said that four times more likely to hit by lightning than to win the lottery. Apparently, this was never the case for Stefan Mandela, an economist who managed to win the lottery up to 14 times. That was his story (and his formula).

Its history began in the 1960s and lasted until the 1990s. Mandel grew up in the communist era of Romania, where much of the population was in poverty under Soviet control. That is why it is very possible that the fruit of his success came under compulsion: there were not many ways to earn a living honestly, at least not outside the law.

According to this scenario, Mandel tried his best to support his wife and two children with a salary equal to at least $ 90 a month. About throwing a towel, he found what looked like an escape route: algorithm which guarantees you a lottery prize.

As an economist at a Romanian mining consortium, he came up with the idea of ​​overcoming disagreements in the lottery. Mandel wanted to find the right way to win it, so for several weeks he spent sleepless nights until he found the perfect mathematical formula that could predict 5 out of 6 winning numbers. The lottery was, as noted by Mandel,my ticket to leave the country".

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The economist said "properly applied math can guarantee state". Mandel's beginning was simple: he realized that the key to finding the way to winning the lottery was to determine the accumulated prizes, which were three times the potential total number of winning combinations.

Therefore, for the lottery, which required participants to choose six numbers in the range from 1 to 40, for example, there is a possible winning combination of 3,838,380. In accordance with this scenario, Mandel will wait until the jackpot increases to three times.

The reasons were simple: if the tickets cost $ 1 (at that time and in the lotteries to which Mandel was headed), he could buy a ticket for each combination and deliver the one that won the biggest jackpot to win twice. the amount of money he spent on tickets.

Of course, after this method, he did not earn twice as much money, because Mandel had to cover the overhead, which required the jackpot to be three times the total number of possible winning combinations for profit.

More precisely, overhead and logistics were where the Mandel scheme was complicated, even if the basic mathematical idea was apparently simple.

After determining the lottery with the correct winning combinations for the largest jackpot share, the economist gathered a group of investors, each of which contributed a relatively small amount (several thousand dollars each).

With money from investors, Mandel would print millions of tickets with each combination (something that could have been done then), and then take them to authorized lottery dealers to buy and enter them.

Then, as soon as the combination occurs, the profit will be distributed between Mandel and the investors.

The man first checked his circuit in Romania with a group of friends. The free time he spent studying theoretical mathematics paid off, and he earned about $ 19,000, enough to bribe government officials to allow him to leave the country and start a new life in the West.

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From there he made a big leap: the United States and Australia in the 70s and 80s.

Of course, the plot, which is now more than ever, had its flaws. Initially, Mandel had to write all the combinations manually, which greatly increased the chances of a human error. The Romanian jackpot was also relatively small: after paying all its investors, only He earned about 4,000 dollars for him.

Therefore, in general, the Mandel fields were not very large. For example, after winning in 1987, worth a little more than a million, he paid investors and taxes and remained for him "only" $ 97,000.

In any case, when he came to Australia, where he settled, he was able to improve his system. The development of computer equipment in the 1980s greatly simplified the entire economist process. Instead of filling the tickets by hand, he could just let the machines do the work.

Mandel managed to gather a solid group of investors, while he was constantly attentive to the prizes that met the requirements. During the 1980s, a “lottery syndicate” created in Australia reached 12 jackpots (the biggest jackpots) and earned over $ 400,000 in other winnings before attracting the attention of the authorities, who later changed the lottery laws to avoid future manipulations with the system.

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However, the economist's greatest trick was still to come. With the support of this international network conspirators It was formed, in February 1992, he decided to apply his system in the state lottery of Virginia (USA), which reached a jackpot of more than 27 million.

The man he had on earth, A. Alex, controlled the processing of 7 million tickets from more than 100 supermarkets and service stations throughout Virginia. Despite the fact that the store employees were reluctant to treat the total amount they had to process, technically there was nothing illegal in the individual purchase of thousands of individual tickets, so the plan went further.

The system of Stephen Mandela worked perfectly, and on February 16, 1992, he won the jackpot.

A large amount attracted the interest of government officials, and after numerous investigations by the CIA and the FBI, Mandel was innocent of any crime. In the end, it all came down to a little luck, some math and a lot of field work. Mandel himself said:any high school student could calculate combinations".

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At the same time, he himself collected more than 15 million dollars (with more than 5 million expenses). Meanwhile, he got into trouble after not paying investors and filed for bankruptcy. In addition, he also became involved in several investment frauds, which led him to prison for 20 months.

In general, Stefan Mandel built his system to perfection and made himself lucky.

By the way, novice imitators today are very difficult. After Mandel’s adventures, the power of the United States lottery changed the rules, making their scheme impossible to repeat. No one can print their own tickets at home, and the number of purchases per person is also limited.

As for Mandel, he now lives "retired" on a small tropical island off the coast of Australia. I leave to you the six steps of the “Mendel formula”:

one. Calculate the total number of possible combinations. (For a lottery that requires the selection of six numbers from 1 to 40, this means 3838380 combinations).

2 Find a lottery where the jackpot is three or more times the possible combinations.

3 Raise enough money to pay for each combination. (Mandel gathered 2,524 investors to win a lottery in Virginia).

four. Print millions of entries with each combination. (It used to be legal, now you have to buy tickets right in the store).

five. Provide tickets to authorized lottery dealers.

6 Earn money, but do not forget to pay your investors.

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