Thursday , October 17 2019
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How to get cash in a bank holiday

The G-20 organization and the arrival of the main world leaders in the country made it impossible for this Friday. There is banking all over the country. Since the government ordered a bank holiday, three days without activity, and this may complicate the supply of ATMs.

Important to know that exist other cash withdrawal optionsBanelco and Link networks provide an opportunity to withdraw cash at the cash desks of stores, stores, pharmacies or service stations with a limit of $ 5,000 per transaction through the Extra Cash service.

Among the businesses that have debit card withdrawal agreements are Farmacity, YPF, Axion, Carrefour, Coto, Walmart, Chango Más and La Anónima. When paying for the purchase, Customers of these enterprises should request in the box the amount they want to withdraw. You must have a debit card and ID.

From December 2017, the government also authorized Clients of companies like Rapipago and Pago Fácil, withdraw cash at their terminals. In addition, while an ATM gives you only $ 100 or $ 500, a person can withdraw the required amount at these terminals.

Another alternative is Replace cash usage with immediate transfers. This can be done through ATMs, Banking services and mobile banking every day for 24 hours.

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