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How to find cheap flights in 5 steps, experts say | News from the Airline, rss2

In the middle of the summer season, they could not miss the recommendations of some experts to find the cheapest airfares on the market. Book a ticket for at least three weeks and be careful with additional services – these are some of the five tricks that ABC publishes.

1. Be flexible regarding dates and appointments. The Airhelp portal believes that it is important that the traveler adapts to the dates on which the price will be lower when booking a flight than on weekdays. Something similar happens with the destination, the less it is required, the less the trip will cost.

2. Start your trip on Thursday or Friday. The report “Travel Price Forecast for 2019,” prepared by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia Group, recommends buying flights that depart on Thursday or Friday, as they can mean 10% savings on airfare. In addition, he warns that it is important to avoid flights that depart on Sundays, because they are usually the most expensive, and that round-trip travel on Saturdays between them is usually cheaper.

3. Book three weeks in advance. In the same report, experts advise buying at least three weeks in order to avoid price increases at the last moment. ACR and Expedia Group confirm that reservations on Sunday can save up to 36%, and show that the most expensive tickets are usually bought on Thursdays or Fridays.

4. Beware of additions. Some cheap flights are complex, and it is convenient to avoid additional costs, which imply a substantial surcharge on the final price associated with baggage, choice of seats, payment methods, cancellation of booking, services during the trip, stamp Boarding pass or insurance.

5. Flying with a hidden city. From originality it is argued that it is sometimes cheaper to travel to destinations that use stopovers and lose the last leg of the trip, rather than going straight to their destination. Thus, some travelers prefer to buy a ticket to the end point with a stop in the selected city at a lower price. On this website, they emphasize that the airline cannot cancel the return flight, since it does not perform the return flight and does not board the stopover and does not end the trip (Lufthansa requires the passenger not to use the last ticket of their trip).

In view of this difficult situation, many airlines use the “do not show” clause, which allows airlines to cancel acquired routes if they do not use any of them, or to charge an additional fee. British Airways has already indicated that if a passenger changes his route and the price of a direct flight is higher than the price paid for tickets with a stopover, the passenger will be asked to pay the price difference. However, there are not so many airlines that end up challenging travelers for this reason (airlines do not want to remove the “do not show” item).

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