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How much to increase the “Football Package” to see the Super League in 2019

A system in which football fans watch the matches of the Argentine Super League, commonly known as "Football Package" lost 18% from January 1, 2019With the disappearance of “Football for All”, the national government program, through which the First Division could be watched for free through open television, in 2017 a transition was made after an economic agreement with Turner companies. and fox

For this reason, this year it was necessary to hire a “Football Package” to enjoy any match of Argentine football. Fox Premium and TNT SportsThe first quota price was 300 pesos. Then in March it rose to $ 330, and in September, to $ 375. But now, ending 2018, users were surprised to find out that in the December account corresponding to January 2019, arrived for a total of $ 450 for this service,

In addition to this new “course” in Argentine football, Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), will start investing next season. in technology development (VAR) for “error correction” and “injustices” in the Argentine Super League from our country

This news made him official thanks to a video posted on AFA's official Twitter profile, and after summarizing the results of 2018, which he described as a “positive” product with a surplus of 93 million pesos besides Argentina's national team departure in the 16th stage of the World Cup Russia.

“We must continue to bring technology to arbitration, something that needs to be developed. I am one of those who believe that if VAR is used to correct errors or injustices, it is very goodAlways remember that the main character must be the judge along with the players who really develop the show. We have economic opportunities to start developing it next season."said tapia.

On the other hand, the AFA mandates showed that Lionel Messi did not leave the Chosen One and he hopes that he is called in the following list in order to be able to enjoy "the best player in the world." The last game of “Rosarino” with a blue-and-white shirt was at the World Cup in the eighth finals, when the team lost with the score 4: 3 with France, which in a few days will become the team.

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