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How much air conditioning consumes and how much you can spend per month

And among the many upcoming increases, again, an increase in energy service. This is provided until August 2019 lifting step 55%. With this setting, in the era of Makri light will increase by 3362%. In 2016, it grew by 507%; 130% in 2017; 60% in this year 2018; and 55% in 2019, although additional adjustments are not excluded.

AND The first campaign in 2019 begins in mid-summer. From February 1, the rate will increase by 26%, and then in March will increase by 14%. In this context, alerts are included for all users who know that they will have to use an air conditioner or a fan almost all day due to high temperatures and heat waves.


How much does air conditioning consume? This is the most common question for this watch. It is known that the fan has minimal consumption, but it also does not cool enough.

Now, if the alternative is air, a whole range of options will open up. I consulted a reference book in the sector and an energy distributor who explained how the bill works.

Those who have a model a few years ago, which, as a rule, inefficient consumption, the bill that needs to be done is as follows: if the device, for example, 3000 BTU, it consumes 3 kW / h per hour. Now, if you turn it on at 24 degrees, it will not be a full hour, consuming energy, but much less. In this case, the light count per month will be about 800 or 1000 pesos, even less, according to the time of ignition of air.

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On the other hand, if the house heats up to 18 or 19 degrees to really cool the environment, if it is large, the engine will always be turned on and the consumption will be very significant. 3 kWh will go per hour.

Each kilowatt-hour costs, according to the two main energy distributors in the metropolitan area, $ 1.95. So take out the bills. But that is not all. If you consume more than 700 kW / h in total for 30 days, the value of kW / h will increase to $ 2.48. And it does not end there.

Energy companies set different values ​​for a fixed charge, which all users pay according to consumption. For example, a basic amount of 100 pesos plus the kilometer used is paid up to a 400 kWh monthly charge; currently if consumption exceeds 700 kW / h (there is air 8 hours a day at 20 degrees during the month) The base cost is $ 1,200, plus km / h consumption, which is more expensive. Following this example The cost of a ticket per month can range from 3,000 to 4,000 pesos.

Average households in the metropolitan area spend $ 1,400 per month on electricityAccording to the report of the National Association of insulation materials industry. Of this amount, 50% comes from home air conditioning, which requires about $ 700. but For those who use air conditioning all the time and at temperatures below 24 degrees, the values ​​increase, as was said, to 3,000 and 4,000 pesos or more.

The organization appreciated that "You can save more than $ 10,290 a year in a house" if you change some habits, for example, if you buy devices of class "A".

Label "Class A"

When buying a new device, it is recommended to choose those that have an “A” class energy efficiency label.

In an A-class air conditioner, you will save up to 40% of the light compared to consuming another, which is inefficient, but cheaper when you buy it. Nevertheless, although devices marked “A” are much more expensive, “as a rule, after one and a half years of use, you restore the initial cost difference,” said Andrea Heinz, former deputy minister for energy conservation and efficiency.

In dialogue with minutouno.comThe expert also said that one of the ways to preserve the cooled medium is to use curtains that cover the sun as much as possible so that it does not turn on and does not turn off the air conditioner constantly.

And he insisted: “Cool only the living quarters and 24 degrees in the summer (21 or 22 in the winter), because you need to be closer to the outdoor temperature and dress at home in accordance with the street climate.”

On the other hand, Cooling with an air conditioner is cheaper than heating with the same equipment. According to technology, heating with the use of energy requires a higher consumption than cooling with the help of light. For this reason, winter tickets are usually even more bulky than in summer if the house is heated by this type of equipment.

And cook because in August there will be a new service adjustment of 4%. For example, Heins grafico – there is no consumption of "class A" for heating with air, and starting with "B", when you need to cool, if you achieve a more efficient consumption specified in "A".

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