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Hot daughter-in-law: Ivana Icardi pointed to Wanda and set fire to Twitter

He said the media ruined his brother's career.

Although for a long time Ivan Ikardi left the media to devote herself to accompanying her partner, Luifa Galezio, in her football career in Europe, the former member of “Big Brother” broke silence on social networks and made it clear that He has terrible relations with Vanda Nara, the wife of his brother Mauro Icardi.

“How ugly is a mother or father, who are trying their best to have their children raise them well and try to give them everything, rather than take them into account. Greeting, call on these dates (or at any time of the year). But then I think “tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are,” and it's over. I am not a mother, but I can understand the sadness that is felt, ”she said a few days ago, leaving evidence that Mauro did not communicate with his mother at Christmas.

Neither the blonde nor Inter's attacker accepted Ivana’s statement, so she returned to using her Twitter to get her out of the former Maxi Lopez. “Of all that they said, I was most amused by the fact that Mauro gets contracts thanks to the man who just did the racing shit! Without this, I would have achieved much more, ”said Ivana, and continued:“ Yes, my poor brother and my beautiful little nieces, if at some point they disperse … because OBVIO is going to do the same as the former … Hide Nena, provoke, insult, get all the juice … WHAT IS A GOOD MOTHER, THAN. "




Finally, a young woman sentenced: “Do not call me a jealous sister. We have never had such a relationship with my brother, his friends have always been my friends, and I even became a consultant if something went wrong … If I say this because I know, don’t leave 5 minutes in the program ” .


Wanda scolded photoshop and criticism broke out

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