Sunday , January 17 2021

Head also works in Boke

The Boci squad lives a very special week in the second final of the Libertadores Cup against the River. Therefore, the coaching staff is referring to work on motivation, as well as training, which seeks to prepare the game from the physical and football.

The first visit the players received was Diego Cagna, who was in the Pedro Pompilio complex on Friday. From a very good relationship with Gustavo Barros Shehotto, with whom he played in Villarreal, a nine-time champion with a tennis player xeneize wanted to accompany and leave his experience.

This morning it was the turn of Carlos Paes, who survived the tragedy of the air in 1972, when the plane carrying the Uruguayan rugby youth team became a Christian at one of the peaks of the Andes mountain range. There were 16 of 45 salvage that were on board.

The son of plastic artist Carlos Paesa Vilaro is an agricultural technician, publicist, writer, and also lectures in which he talks about his experience. His meeting with the team was on the recommendation of a psychologist who works with players in the coaching staff.

Although this is not confirmed, it is expected that throughout the week the glory will come to the club, which can communicate with the team in order to offer its support. The fans will also have their chance at the training with open doors, which will be held on Thursday in Bombonera with a schedule to be confirmed.

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