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He is 4 years old, and the complication of the flu has seriously affected his brain.

Andre Carson he was diagnosed with common flu in March 2017. However, when his mother woke him at dawn to give him medicine, he found him weak and with difficulty breathing. Immediately the woman called the ambulance and left him interned.

He spent 11 days in intensive care and found out what happened to him: his condition was complicated by acute necrotizing encephalomyelopathyANE (for abbreviations in English) is a strange disease that is characterized by brain damage and usually appears after a febrile exacerbation, mainly caused by viral infections, according to the US Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center. ,

The National Library of Medical Science of this country indicates that So far, only 59 ANE cases have been documented.a third of which did not survive. Fortunately, this is not the case with Andre. During this time, he was able to develop favorably.

Andre and his mom today.
Andre and his mom today.

“Andre was a very active and friendly guy, he was in the preschool years when he fell ill. He had swelling in his throat, fever, diarrhea and chills, so I took him to the doctor– recalled his mother Kamaray Perrish. – A CT scan revealed damage in her brain, and they found that she had the H1N1 virus. “The lesions continued to grow and caused great damage to the left side of the brain.

“When he left therapy, he was already breathing himself, so I had hope again. when he opened his eyes he did not answer, it was like a vegetableParrish explained: after two months of rehabilitation, this little boy from California (USA) began to voluntarily move his limbs and follow things with his eyes.

More than a year after Andre's illness, just He takes his first steps with the walker and tries to say a few words. He is still mobilized in a wheelchair and communicates through an electronic device. His mother, 29, left her career to take care of him full-time and said that he did not know about the harm that could cause the flu.

“I was so surprised that I could get it, he was vaccinated, but for another strain, I was angry with myself for not taking him to the hospital, but the doctor explained that I could not know what was happening,” – he admitted. "Vaccination is very important. Perhaps if the person who infected him was immunized or took precautions not to distribute it, none of this would have happened, ”he concluded.

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