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He created the WhatsApp group with all his ex-girls for a specific reason.

December 29, 2018

The man called all his former partners into one group, but the result of the experiment was not the same as he expected. Look what happened.

Former girlfriends

Young man created WhatsApp Chat Group with all your former friendssupposedly wish them Merry ChristmasHowever, his answers were unexpected. Person defined as Tomhe was funny making a talk group to see former couples wanted to renew their relationship or at least go out with him sometime at night.

The subject started a conversation, explaining that he wishes everyone Christmas and that he is alone, that is why I missed them and he thought it would be a good idea Create a group to share memories.

It all started at 10:38, when he wrote a message: “Merry Christmas, girls, I just thought that you might want to share some of your memories with you. I am alone this year and I miss them all“He wrote in the WhatsApp group what he called Merry Christmas.

Former girlfriends 1

Some women left the group without responding to a greeting, others they took it with humor, but some began to discuss among themselves, A girl named Bella, who claimed to have included her in the group, where the woman with whom he allegedly deceived.

This caused old grievances and revealed frauds or "misunderstandings" what beauty he believed, but Steph explained that Tom told him that they were no longer together, so he said that he had warned him about the breakup.

but Bella replied that it was on Facebook and he knew that he had never viewed it., clearly upset, called the young fox, with whom she thought she had been deceived. But who Surprise was gemma, a former classmate who was surprised by the conversation and who yes he finally agreed to go with him,

Although the country of origin of the main characters was not known, the conversation went viral It is curious that not many men will join their former girlfriends.

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