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He could not recall the encomienda and brutally attacked the employee

The man arrived at the bus station in La Plata with the intention of removing the envelope, but found the news that no package was being delivered at that time. After talking for some time at the checkout and seeing that he cannot take what he came for, he brutally assaulted an employeeThe fact was recorded by security cameras.

“He came pretty calm, he came to pick up the package that arrived from Pinamar,” he explained. Francisco, an employee of Platabus, who was attacked at his workplace last Saturday around 9:30 pm, in connection with a colleague and other customers who were in place.

According to the employee, he repeated this person several times that it was impossible to give him the envelope he was looking for, not only because he had already finished his work hours, but also because another company, EncoPlata, was responsible for the supplies.

“He explained that he needed an envelope, that it was important, that it was a question of work”Francisco has expanded in dialogue with the news channel Tennesseeabout the exchange, which lasted about half an hour.

Even having expanded the worker, he called the parcel company, trying to find a solution to the problem, but on the other side of the phone he was told that at that time it was impossible to deliver.

Young man jumps to the counter and hits employee (2)
“He entered and left the store several times, and when I told him that he could not deliver the package, his face changed and he jumped into the counter.", described the young man moments before the beginning of the blows, which, fortunately, caused him only minor injuries, due to the fact that he managed to escape.

Francisco filed a complaint after the attack and provided as evidence the filming of surveillance cameras at the company's box office, while the aggressor was arrested by the police, although he was soon to regain his freedom.

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